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Santonio Holmes is a well-known Tweeter, and recently took to that medium to make whatever this statement is considered to be. So take that to be an official comment from the accused. Might want to keep an eye on that page today.

I've got a novel idea for the Steeler players, and it might be hard to swallow, but it's my feeling on this alleged incident, Roethlisberger's alleged incident, and any other past or future alleged incident. I'm going to say it very slowly so it sinks in.





I know you think you're invincible, I know that's part of the mentality that lets you play the game you play, but it might be a good idea to stay home once in a while.

And for the people that say, "It's their right to go to clubs," just be aware that these alleged incidents aren't taking place at the local library. There's clearly a pattern here. Every time celebrities leave the doors of their home, the target goes up on their backs. So whether these various lawsuits and allegations are real or imagined, the players at the very least are guilty of giving an opportunity for something bad to happen.

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Aire said...

Well put...lets just hope they listen!!!

Real McCoy said...

Stay out of the clubs.

Get signed and notarized release froms from all parties involving any "relations". I know it ruins the moment, but might keep a player out of the courthouse.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

An important lesson I have learned over time is this: "Nothing Good Happens after 2 AM."

I have had my own experiences, one about a year ago, where 2 of my friends were arrested and hauled away from just outside a less than prestiguous McKees Rocks establishment for doing little else besides being absolutely wet-your-pants drunk in public. They appealed the fine and charges and the cops didn't even show up to court because they knew my friends did nothing wrong except for being drunk in public.

Since then, I don't think any of the members of our group have gone near a place like that or have even been out nearly that late.I guess some people just need to learn their lesson more than once?

Koz said...

Santonio isn't going to change. This has been his history since college.

Looks like Ben isn't going to change.

Just part of the territory now dealing with young guys who think they're invincible with more money than God in a litigious, TMZ, "Jersey Shore celebrity" society.

Anonymous said...

I think the bigger lesson here is for women. Don't go to the "VIP Area" with a pro football player.

Unknown said...

someone should ask santonio if this is how he "be great". throwing glasses at women in nightclubs?

Steve said...

Either that -- if they're going to go out -- have a few friends (ie, muscle) take care of the retarded B.S. that occurs whenever drunk college girls with agendas decide to start trouble. Have one of them deal with any physical situation and reimburse "them" for any civil damages that might arise. Even simpler, just get the clubs security to throw the trouble maker out on her A.

Can't these millionaire players find better clubs to go to that don't cater to the lower tier and under-age trash that frequents them?

How long before Mr. Rooney decides he's had enough and makes an example of either Ben or Santonio by giving them their walking papers? I can imagine it's not as far away as some may think.

Koz said...


You mean the way Ben's muscle took care of his situation for him?

the nigerian nightmare said...

It is seriously becoming increasingly hard for me to root for the Steelers. I never thought there would be a point in my life that would happen. A few 0-16 years I could handle........this is different. I'm literally embarrassed to be a Steelers fan after this continuous garbage from these asshole players.

Steve said...

That's a different situation. Muscle can't help retards with boners.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

These guys are not your average citizens.

I would honestly like to know what they would be doing for a living if they weren't professional football players?

Any thoughts?

Chip said...

This "don't go nightclubs" thing is stupid. Of 32 NFL teams, how many players do you think sit home every night and play XBOX? There has to be dozens and dozens of guys from EACH TEAM out and about on any given weekend.

The fact that two guys from the Steelers keep getting into trouble for the same damn things is the red flag. Not the activity. Take off your black and gold colored glasses and just realize the players are douchebags, plain and simple.

I never thought I'd see the day when the Steelers became the Bengals. And Dan Rooney became Al Davis. This team is officially an utter disgrace.

Someone Somewhere said...

Oh's definitely the girls fault. Don't they know that they should avoid interacting with guys with lots of money who could potentially become enraged/empowered and try to (allegedly) rape or (allegedly) assault them? Damn, these girls are so stupid. For example, what was this new accuser doing putting her face in front of a glass flying through the air? Stupid drunk college girls will never learn. In addition, these clubs do need to clean up their acts and should invest some time and money to implement some sort of screening process for drunk girls with an agenda. As far as I know it's fairly simple to pick out the drunk troublemakers from the people who are merely drunk and having a good time...