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WPXI was repeatedly teasing a story last night about reporter Rick Earle nebbing around Ben Roethlisberger's Georgia neighborhood, and I'm sure it got them plenty of eyeballs once the 11 PM news rolled around.

In actuality, the video consisted of Earle asking to see Ben's house, getting denied entry by the development's security, and turning away, followed by some information on the neighborhood (2,000 homes, some valued as much as $10 million), the activities they offer (Ben's beloved golf), and interviews with the locals. Hats off to the segment producer who managed to get nearly two minutes out of this.

The promos kept showing the house you see below, probably leading viewers to conclude that this was actually Roethlisberger's place. But as the video illustrates, WPXI couldn't even get close enough for a shot, which means that this is not his house, merely an example of the type of home in this development.

One interesting tidbit that Earle did unearth was the fact that Roethlisberger was told about the development by one of his Steeler coaches, although he did not name the coach. I'm sure that person must be feeling quite a range of emotions right now.

As for the neighborhood itself, "Reynolds Plantation" has 117 holes of golf spread over six courses, with a seventh, Pete Dye-designed course in the development stages. By all accounts, it's a golf lover's paradise. If any of you are really interested in learning more, they have plenty of videos available to tell you about how fantastic it is. But I'm pretty sure this is not the kind of attention that the development is looking to receive.

Rick Earle Visits Roethlisberger's Neighborhood in Georgia [WPXI]

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jmarinara said...


Why is this a story? What did you hope to accomplish by posting this?

BurressWithButterflywings said...


I am not sure if it was on here or not, but I am 99.9% certain it was Arians who told him about the place, I read about it somewhere. You may have posted this already, though.

Who is Bruce Arians again? Remember, I am not a Steeler fan.

NickDawg said...

it was arians who told Ben about the neighborhood..I also read it somewhere but cant remember where

Chip said...

It was in the Post-Gazette yesterday.

Nice job of posting a totally irrelevant Roethlisberger story containing no news whatsoever just so you can cash in on the hits I'm sure Roethlisberger Rape News is no doubt generating these days.

AJ said...

News site = gives you news

sports blog = looks at how nuts the news sites are

If you're asking why this is news, ask WPXI. While the issue itself is serious, personally I find the media coverage of this whole incident hysterical (and I'm sure that's the entire point of this post). There is no actual information being released, but news outlets everywhere are creating hundreds of fluff pieces just like this one. The only thing that would make this more embarrassing is if they played the Benny Hill music behind it.