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Our old pal Dave Dameshek has a new gig: he's now doing a once-a-week general-talk podcast on alongside comedy writer David Feeney. The show was announced by Carolla on Monday and made its official debut today.

Dameshek enthusiasts recall that Dave was the former sports reporter on the syndicated morning radio program The Adam Carolla Show; but his relationship with Carolla actually dates back to 2001, when the funnyman gave Dave his big break, hiring him as a writer on Comedy Central's The Man Show. With that as the backdrop, I'm sure this new show will be an enjoyable endeavor for everyone involved.

Ever the busy professional talker, Dave recently guest-starred on a two-part cliffhanger of Bill Simmons' wildly popular "BS Report" podcast on You can hear part one here and part two here. Olympic hockey allegiances are discussed, and in Dave's words, "I guess I'm black & gold before red, white & blue."

As you know, Dave has long been a strong supporter of this site, back to his days at 93.7 FM (before it was The Fan and then known as The Zone) and more recently at ESPN, where we did weekly podcasts together on Fridays for about two years. I wish him all the best with this new show and I know that if he's involved, it will be heavy on the Pittsburgh - always a good thing. [ACE Broadcasting]

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Unknown said...

Dameshek really should be back on the airwaves...his combination of humor and sports knowledge (particularly on Pittsburgh sports) is second to none in sports talk.