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Sid. Geno. Ovie. Gonchar. As Fred Sanford would say, "This is the big one." It all goes down tonight at 7:30 PM on CNBC, and it figures to be one of the most intense sporting events you will ever see in a lifetime. It will be the first time Crosby and Malkin have faced off as opponents since since January 4, 2005, when Canada beat Russia in the final of the World Junior Championships in Grand Forks, ND.When asked about whether or not he'll hit #87, Malkin responded, "Yes, and not just once." Roberto Luongo will again be in goal for the Canadians, much to the bewilderment of many, including Mark Madden:
Fleury has won seven playoff series over the last two springs. He won the Stanley Cup last spring. He stopped Nicklas Lidstrom in Game 7. He stopped Alexander Ovechkin in Game 7. He is hockey's reigning money goalie.

But Fleury will never get a chance in these Olympics.
Too bad for MAF. But hopefully he will return to the Penguins with some fire in his belly. I know one thing - he certainly will have no love lost for Mike Babcock.

Other games today include the US and Switzerland at 3 PM on NBC, Finland-Czech Republic at 10 PM on CNBC and Sweden-Slovakia at 11:55 PM, also on CNBC. [, PG]

Harangody out for Pitt-ND: When the Panthers (21-6, 10-4 Big East) and Fighting Irish (17-10, 6-8) face off in South Bend tonight, Notre Dame will be without Luke Harangody, the nation's second-leading scorer (24.1 PPG), who has a bruised bone in his knee. 6'7" junior forward Carleton Scott will start in his place, but I still look for a big night inside from Gary McGhee with the lineup change.

Gametime is set for 7 PM, with TV on ESPN2. Unfortunately, this is going to be seen by a whole lot less households in our area tonight, for the reason above. [Trib]

Tag, Skippy's it: The Steelers will be using their transition tag on K Jeff Reed, according to Jason La Canfora of Reed will be free to sign an offer sheet elsewhere, but the Steelers will have the right to match any offers. Reed will earn $2.629 million in 2010 if he signs a one-year deal as the Steelers' transition player.

To no one's surprise, Skippy wants a deal like the ludicrous one Sebastian Janikowski just signed with Oakland, worth $9 million guaranteed. But the presence of other kickers like Shane Graham, Neil Rackers, and Jay Feely may influence Reed to simply accept the Steeler deal and enjoy beautiful western PA and our numerous Sheetz stores for one more season. [PFT,]

An argument for four Superconferences: I've been saying for a while that college sports conferences needs a massive overhaul, and apparently I'm not the only one. SI's Andy Staples took my thought a step further and organized four Superconferences, each with 16 teams, and Pitt would be in the all-new ACC, joining Big East brethren Rutgers, UConn, and Syracuse. An interesting read. []

Casey Hampton softens his stance: The soon-to-be franchised nose tackle is warming up to the idea of signing a long-term deal with the Steelers, despite his previous comments suggesting otherwise.

So he can live with $7.7 million this year and a multi-year, eight-figure deal for the future? Now that's courage. [Trib]

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P.O. said...

the conference realignment article loses all credibility when i see Pitt and WVU in two different conferences... i dont even have to read the article after seeing that chart to know the author is a joke and it would be a waste of my unemployed time

Dan Claycomb said...

I love Fleury, but he really didn't deserve the start over Luongo. Luongo is a better goaltender and has better stats. The exiciting thing for Fleury is that with his likely improvement over the next 4 years and the age of Marty and Luongo, he has a great shot at starting for the next 2-3 Olympics.

Unknown said...

college realignment? the NCAA already has a perfect system...well, at least if you asked them...

BURGH08 said...

I pray to God someone finds and sends it here:

Watching Notre Dame hammer Pitt, and who is sitting behind the Pitt bench?



P.O. said...

@ Clint Pitts: based on what? all of Luongo's post season success? his Stanley cup wins? huh? he has neither? Fleury (while young and lacking the VITAL regular season success in a weak division with Edmonton, Calgary, and the LA Kings) has both?!? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... i guess you are right my man, stats dont lie....

Dan Claycomb said...

Luongo doesn't have the postseason success Fleury has, but Vancouver doesn't have the offensive skill Pittsburgh does. Wins are a product of team skill not an individual.

Calgary has made playoffs the past 5 seasons so they're not really weak. LA and Edmonton are weak but so are the Islanders.

Luongo has better stats regular season and playoffs, 3 All-Star games. Fleury has none so far because he hasn't quite reached elite level yet, but at 25 he still will improve.

Fleury has been great for us the past 2 seasons and I hope he spends his whole career here, but we would have been better team with Luongo.