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Backyard Brawl, Take Two: Revenge is the theme for the Pitt Panthers tonight at The Pete, when the West Virginia Mountaineers come to town for a rematch of the ugly contest a week ago that WVU won, 70-51.

It's a big night not only for the Panthers, but for the crowd and the Oakland Zoo cheering section, which will be under the microscope after the harsh yet justified criticism of some unruly WVU fans last week. I'll be extremely disappointed in Pitt fans if they stoop to that level, but honestly, I don't see it happening.

The game will once again play to a national audience, and you can catch it on ESPN at 9 PM. It's the 180th meeting between the two teams, and WVU owns a 95-84 advantage. Pitt has won 12 of the past 18 games between the two, and eight of the last nine at home against the Mountaineers. []

Pens, Rangers facing off at Igloo: It's going to be a big night for remote controls in the area, because there's also a Penguins home game on the slate tonight.

The Penguins have won all four games against the Rangers this season, the most recent win coming on January 25 at MSG. The Pens will be without Eric Godard and Max Talbot, who are both dealing with groin injuries.

The Penguins could move into first place in the Atlantic Division with a win and a New Jersey loss tonight.

Gametime is set for 7:30, and you can find it on FSN. []

"Big Ben towers over Manning in playoffs": Figured you'd be very interested in this article from Yahoo's Jason Cole, who is clearly a very intelligent man. [Yahoo! Direct Snap]

NFL prospects are finding their way to Pitt: With the upcoming inductions of Rickey Jackson and Russ Grimm into the Hall of Fame, the Pitt Panthers will have the seventh-most players in the hall, as they join Dan Marino, Tony Dorsett, Mike Ditka and Joe Schmidt. And that's a number that should increase in the future, with Curtis Martin, Ruben Brown, and Chris Doleman having good shots, as Larry Fitzgerald and Darrelle Revis should down the road.

This information, my friends, is what's called "an excellent recruiting tool". [PG]

Mr. Madden has a busy week planned
: The guest list for next week's "Cavalcade of Stars" on Mark Madden's radio show includes Sidney Crosby, Jack Ham, Kurt Angle, "Slapshot" star Dave Hanson, and many more. History has proven that cavalcades are usually very entertaining, even moreso when a Hanson brother is involved. [WXDX/Mark Madden]

Former Pens carrying the flags: Three former Penguins will have the honors for their homelands, including Jaromir Jagr for the Czech Republic, Aleksey Morozov for Russia and Ziggy Palffy for Slovakia.

You can find the team rosters of all countries here. [PG, NBC]

Greetings from the Olympics: Several Penguins headed to Vancouver taped greetings for WPXI, and when you get Geno on camera, it can only be a good thing. [WPXI]

The Olympic Opening Ceremony Drinking Game: "For entertainment purposes only", here's an interesting way to spend your Friday evening. 10 sips if Mario lights the torch! [Kiss Morning Freak Show Blog]

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Greg said...

Lets just hope for Slovakia's sake that Palffy doesn't retire in the middle of the ceremonies..

Anonymous said...

ill be at the game tonight in the pitt student section rocking my mountaineer maniacs gear...LETS GOOOOOO

LeeTunnel said...

Best line from the Ben/Manning piece is at the bottom:

" Oh, and to the reader who compared John Elway to Bubby Brister, all I have to say is that you’re an idiot."


Anonymous said...

After reading the article about Pitt Hall of Famers, I can't believe he was 187 and wanted to be an OLB. Even more the coach only made him get up to 200 lbs. He was 6'2 and playing almost the equivalent of a 3-4 OLB. Nowadays he would need to be closer to 230 to even have a shot at that. Its amazing how much athletes have changed in 25 years.

Scott Zigarovich said...

A great day to be from Pittsburgh. Dejuan Blair went nuts tonight in the rookie challenge. 22 points 23 rebounds. who goes for 20 and 20 in an all*star game?

the nigerian nightmare said...

As someone who absolutely hates Pitt....I must say congratulations. That was an epic win over a team (and even moreso a fanbase) who deserved to get put in their place.

JW said...

Hope you had fun tonight tocci. I know I did.


jmarinara said...

I trying to think of what it would take for me to give a crap about a bad radio host interviewing "Jack Ham, Kurt Angle, and "Slapshot" star Dave Hanson".