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Paul Zeise and Bob Pompeani will have to be mad at irresponsible, rumor-spreading newspapers today, because the Lawrence Journal-World is reporting that Texas could be considered for a spot in the new and improved Big 10.

“There have been preliminary exchanges between the Big Ten and Texas,” the source told the Journal-World on Wednesday. “People will deny that, but it’s accurate.”
This is not the first time Texas to the Big 10 has been discussed - the Chicago Tribune brought up the topic back in December - but as ESPN's Adam Rittenberg points out, the decision will probably rest with Texas, which wants to maintain rivalries with Texas A&M and Oklahoma. Revenues for the Longhorns would rise with a move, but so would travel expenses. It would be a merging of colossal proportions, and would not happen overnight; but one must admit, this is an intriguing rumor, as rumors go. Can't wait to hear from the Big 10 followers for their opinion on this.

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Anonymous said...

Texas would be an awsome addition to the Big 10. I'm a Buckeye fan and Texas is the first school mentioned that I'm on board with. The road trip to Austin would be awsome! GO BUCKS!
No offense to Pitt, I like them in the Big East mostly for basketball reasons, just like Jamie Dixon said.

Nate said...

I hope this move doesn't happen. It makes absolutely no sense.

JW said...

By 2014, there will be four major conferences left:
The Pac 14
The Big 16 (formerly 10/11)
The Big 12
The ACC (consisting of 16 teams).

Everybody find their chairs before the music stops!!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


So the mighty SEC will disband?

JW said...

Oops--was too excited about Pitt joining Big 16 that I forgot SEC...

Someone Somewhere said...

Great, so will all "student" athletes from Texas be making the trips to central PA countless times mid-week each and every year (and vice versa for Penn State/Michigan/etc)? Who the hell would be the closest "away" game for them? Indiana? Illinois? Nothing says rivalry like Texas v. Minnesota!!! This is nonsense before we even get into the argument of pissing away the finite resources required for traveling 1000's of miles for in-conference road games.

Adam said...

Total pipe dream. More far fetched than Pitt joining by a country mile, and Pitt probably only get in in a 14-16 team expansion.

Unknown said...

I doubt it will happen, but if it does it is purely a financial decision. Texas makes far and away the most money of any football program in the country and would obviously be a target for the Big 10. In fact, it would be financially better for the Big 10 than adding Notre Dame. Not to mention that they would likely add a conference championship with 12 teams which would bring even more revenue. Still, I doubt it will happen.

Koz said...

Allegheny College will join the Big Ten before Texas does.

nuthinhere said...

I read in the paper that it might be Nebraska going to the Big 10 (Washington Post). That makes more sense than Texas.