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The Panthers got LOIs from all 24 recruits today, so the Stache can sleep a little easier tonight and let the fax machine rest for a year. The most coveted among this year's incoming haul: DL Aaron Donald, QB Anthony Gonzalez, WR Kevin Weatherspoon, DL T.J. Clemmings, and prep school athlete Todd Thomas.

As I always tell myself, recruiting rankings are always subjective, so fan bases shouldn't get too high or too low on a day like today. If I can recall, there wasn't much fanfare about a recruit named Dion Lewis last year, and that seemed to work out OK for everyone involved.

Pitt finalizes class of 24 signees [ESPN Big East Blog]

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Yeah, who knows about these things.

Scout has us at 16th, but Rivals has us at 33rd, and all I know about ESPN is that they don't have us in their top 25.

IMO, all you can really tell about these kids coming out of high school is if they have general football talent or not.

Once they get to college and coaching, development, intelligence, and other factors come into play, things can change.

All you can basically say for sure is that teams with 90% 3+ star players tend to be good.

BTW, people's obsession with high school kids is starting to border on creepiness IMO. It's fine if you want to check the site's to see what kind of guy's you're favorite school's bringing in. But I've seen grown men on message boards obsess and argue about 17-year-old kids.

Adam strikes me as the type that does this.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I have no doubt Adam is doing to research to prove why every Pitt player is going to be a major bust and every Penn St kid will probably be a cancer-curing presidential candidate if they dont become the next NFL Superstar.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

And then in the next breath say he doesn't care about Pitt and neither do any other Penn State fans.

Adam said...

I could not care less about LOI day.

Adam said...

And I couldn't care less about these rankings because we'll never, ever know if they hold up in the real world.

What's REALLY the difference between Pitt and Penn State West Virginia's classes? I mean, ok, we're #8 according to ESPN (apparantly) and Pitt is low 20s high 30s. What does that mean? So Pitt is 15-20 spots lower, but how does that tell me how Pitt's talent compares to Penn State. Are our players immesely better or is the difference between #8 and #25 razor thin? I have no idea.

Maybe if I paid attention more, I'd know, but I don't.

And I HATE this hat picking BS.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I agree.

for once.

Adam said...

Well that's nice.

I mean, I've just seen Joe say "I want that kid" and have these nerd types rip him and tell us why he isn't any good, and then a couple years later, they turn into productive guys. Case and point, Josh Hull.

I mean, do these things even take into accound the system the kids are going into? I mean this kid Bolden we're getting is the "#4 QB." Well what if QBs 1-3 don't fit the Spread HD? If we bring them in and they're total misfits for the offense, does that REALLY make us a better team?

Not buying it.

The Abiding Dude said...

"Killa" Kev Weatherspoon is gonna be NICE!

BAMAQT said...

The "Heisman Trophy Winner" Mark Ingram was a 3 star athlete. I don't believe he was even in ESPNU150.


Adam said...

Snaps for you.