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It's January, it's cold, and it's Belle Vernon. How do you spice up an otherwise uneventful high school basketball game? Togas. Lots and lots of togas.

On Tuesday night, the Leopards played host to Section 5 foe McGuffey and eeked out an 86-50 victory, running their record to 8-0 in the process. But the real story of the night was the abundance of students wearing bed sheets to a basketball game, which apparently isn't the normal attire of the BVA student section.

The student group calls itself "Gang Green", which is unfortunately borrowed from either the historically-choking New York Jets organization or, you know, dead cells. They have a Facebook page and everything. And before I get questioned as to why I would be interested in such a random Western PA athletic contest, my cousin is one of the toga-wearers above and he assured me that this was a big deal. And since high school students are never wrong, I decided to go with it. I needed a break from all that Bruce Arians talk, anyway.

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Cousin Eddy said...

BVA is an extremely tough environment to go into and come out with a win. The students are loud, obnoxious, and distracting, just about everything a student section should be. When McGuffey first took the floor for warmups, you could tell it was hard for them to concentrate on getting ready to play the #3 team in class AAA. They were definitely distracted by the togas. This was one of many themes for the home basketball games that Gang Green will do this season. We already had a "Beach Night", and business night, snuggie night, 80s night, and many others will also be used.

Real McCoy said...

Very cool Toga night.

Did these guys happen to stop by?

Unknown said...

As an alum of BVA (no joke), I can assure everyone that this looks about right to me.