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The Steelers have ended their search for Lou Spanos' replacement as a defensive assistant coach, settling on one of their former players, Jerry Olsavsky, who was with the team from 1989-1997. Olsavsky beat out another former Steeler linebacker, Earl Holmes, for the job.

I just ran through his bio a week ago or so when he was originally announced as a candidate, so for those of you who missed it...

"Jerry O", who hails from Youngstown, Ohio, was most recently employed by Youngstown State as coach of the linebackers. He was let go along with the rest of the staff at the end of the season. Olsavsky had a solid career at Pitt and entered the league as a 10th round pick of the Steelers in 1989, where he lasted until 1997. He also spent time in the Cincinnati and Baltimore organizations at the end of his career. Since leaving the pro game, Olsavsky has coached at Carnegie Mellon and North Carolina in addition to YSU.

Steelers hire former LB Olsavsky as defensive assistant coach [Trib]

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AJ said...


*raises arms above head to form a large "O"

/yes... everybody in our section in the 600 level at Three Rivers Stadium used to do this during player introductions.

Adam said...

Words cannot describe how tired I am of these Steeler coach stories.

Steve said...

I thought the title was assistant "to" the defensive coach? Does Jerry get to use the conference room as his office?