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Facing their first two-game losing streak since 2007-08, the Pitt Panthers fell from #9 to #17 in the AP poll that was just released. They are also 17th in the ESPN/USA Today Poll after losses to Georgetown and Seton Hall last week.

The 15-4 Panthers have two games on tap before next Monday's poll: a Thursday matchup with 12-7 St. John's at 7 PM and a trip to 12-7 South Florida for a 1 PM meeting with the Bulls on Sunday. If things go as they should, Pitt should then be 17-4 and staring down a trip to #9 West Virginia on February 12. Then again, most people thought the Panthers should be able to handle Seton Hall, and we saw how that turned out.

The Panthers are currently 5-2 in the Big East, trailing Villanova, Syracuse, and Georgetown. They are the fifth-ranked Big East team in the poll, behind the aforementioned trio as well as the ninth-ranked Mountaineers. I haven't had a chance to check their status in the new Bracketology yet, as I have a pre-scheduled appointment to watch paint dry.

2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Rankings (Jan. 25)

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Actually, I knew the Hall wouldn't be the easy out they usually are.

Despite their poor conference record, they've played some good teams pretty close this year. They were due for an upset.

Plus, Pitt's probably not as good as they looked during their 5-0 Big East start.

By no means am I jumping off the bandwagon here, but I'm just being realistic. They're definitely a solid tournament team, but they're probably not a Top 10 team just yet.

With the turnover and inexperience, this is kind of what I expected. I figured they'd win some games we didn't expect them to win, and probably lose a few to teams they'd normally beat.

Chad said...

That's a rough spot to get hit with a shoulder. Ouch!!!