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Get those expectations fired up again, as the Pitt Panthers have re-entered the AP Top 25 today. The 12-2 Panthers, who upset #5 Syracuse at the Carrier Dome on Saturday, are ranked #26 in the ESPN/USA Today poll. Pitt is also ranked #17 by The scary part is the fact that the 17th ranking is just sixth-best among Big East teams, and that West Virginia, of all teams, is ranked #1.

If you haven't seen the Panthers in action yet, you'll have another chance on Monday night, as they travel to Cincinnati for an appearance on ESPN's Big Monday at 7 PM. Following tonight's game, the Panthers will have some serious time to rest before battling UConn on January 13.

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BURGH08 said...

What could be noted to be just as impressive is their follow up win against Cincinnati tonight. To post a big win against the Orange in the dome with that young crew was enjoyable, and could understand a letdown.

Dixon is coaching the hell out of that team.

What I find even more interesting is that Ron Cook opined after their first win in the Big East that getting another 9 wins would be a struggle. Maybe it is...maybe the young group hits the wall deep into a schedule in one of the best conferences in the country.

Then again, Cook once wrote that Dixon wasn't the man to replace Howland, so I this this Steeler-less winter may have something more to enjoy once again.

Unknown said...

At we didn't go 0-fer against Cincy this year. Way to go Pitt BBall!