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The NFL Pro Bowl is the game that everyone wants to be named to but few want to actually play in. With that being said, rosters for the 2010 game have been announced, and they're not exactly bursting with Pittsburgh Steelers.

The defending champs placed two players on the AFC squad: LB James Harrison (who will start) and NT Casey Hampton. This is the fifth trip to the game for Hampton, who was also a Pro Bowler in 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2007. It is the third selection for Harrison, who's been named to the team in 2007 and 2008.

With that out of the way, the obvious talk now shifts to the snubs, so naturally I'm contractually obligated to bring up QB Ben Roethlisberger, who recently broke the storied franchise's record for passing yards in a season, OL Chris Kemoeatu, and TE Heath Miller.

Miller, who's destroyed his career bests in receptions and yards this season, was clearly caught in a numbers game, with Antonio Gates' and Dallas Clark's gaudy numbers blocking his path. The conference's fifth and sixth leading wide receivers, Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes, respectively, were also on the outside looking in. But all in all, it's hard to complain about accolades when your team has generally been regarded as a massive disappointment, which the Steelers certainly are.

Among other selections of local interest, Pitt products Larry Fitzgerald and Darrelle Revis were both named as starters, so it will be fun to watch those two face off. Former Pitt punter Andy Lee of San Francisco was also named for the second time.

The only former Steeler named was OG Alan Faneca, who will be appearing in his ninth Pro Bowl and second with the New York Jets.

The AFC North will be represented by a total of only nine players. The division-leading Bengals were shut out, while the cellar-dwelling Browns had two players honored: KR Josh Cribbs and OT Joe Thomas. The Baltimore Ravens placed five on the team, including LB Ray Lewis, S Ed Reed, FB Le'Ron McClain, DL Haloti Ngata, and RB Ray Rice.

The 2010 game will be played at Land Shark Stadium in Miami, site of Super Bowl 44, on January 31. It's the first time the game will not be played in Hawaii since the 1979 game, held at the L.A. Coliseum. However, the game has already been confirmed to move back to Hawaii for 2011 and 2012.

Four Steelers have been named MVP in the annual All-Star Game: Ernie Stautner (1956), "Big Daddy" Lipscomb (1959 and 1962), and Mel Blount (1977). From 1956-71, a back and a lineman were both named as co-MVPs. As a sidenote that should interest our Mon Valley readers, the co-MVP in 1956 with Stautner happened to be a Valley product, Colts DB Bert Rechichar, who hails from Belle Vernon, PA.

And here's a bit of trivia that I never realized until right now: Steeler head coaches Bill Cowher and Chuck Noll are #1 and #2 in Pro Bowls won. Cowher is 4-0, while Noll sported a 3-0 record during his career.

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LeeTunnel said...

Shocked to see William Gay not get a spot. Perhaps he could be an injury replacement later.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Roethlisberger & Heath's 'snubs' are due to playing a deep position in the AFC. They're definitely both next in line! Same with Tone. You just cant put him on there over r. wayne, a. johnson, wes welker, or brandon marshall. Lamar Woodley? Same story, just not enough room on the PB roster for our guys.

How is Ed Reed having a pro bowl year? He's missed as many games as Troy, right? Unfortunately the pro bowl isn't about who's having a pro bowl year this year. The majority of the players are on there because of previous years.

Chip said...

I'd put Matt Schaub ahead of Ben. He has more yards and more TDs. Ben's TD-to-INT ratio is terrible for a supposed "big game QB."

'Tone definitely got the snub. How Wes Welker catching a bunch of stupid 3 yard slants is more impressive than what Holmes does is beyond me.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

chip- good point on ben vs schaub, but the only reason why'd i'd still take ben is due to the fact that he has about what 5 4th quarter game winning or tying drives? only to be let down by his D.

wes welker should be there over holmes. if it's so easy to catch 3 yard slants why doesnt every wideout do it? it seems to be working for him.

God bless New England, Oakland, Kansas City, and Cincinnati

The Taxidermist said...

I still think Stephen Jackson is the best RB in the NFL. Just a shame he plays for the Rams. Imagine if he played for a good team. I knew Ben wouldn't make it. I'd probably take Schaub over Ben for pro bowl and I thought Schaub might have actually made it.

lateef grim reaper said...

wasn't Hines the Pro Bowl MVP in 2005?