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There's a great, lengthy interview with the Wannstache on, but these two bullet points in particular really spoke to me:

Can you bring back the mustard yellow uniforms?

"We wore the old traditional uniforms a couple of years ago. You don't have to twist my arm. Those are the colors I wore. They always will be special in my heart. Times change. I never have been one who gets too caught up in uniform colors. That's a decision the higher-ups can deal with. I have more important things to deal with. They talked about when we play West Virginia, with both teams wearing throwback uniforms, but I don't know if that will happen or not. I would favor that."

Do you want to play Penn State every year?

"We need to be playing Penn State. I was on the job about a month and I talked to Coach Paterno about it. It probably won't happen until he retires and I understand that. It's his prerogative. But it'll happen. Maybe I won't even be here, either [when it happens]. We should play each other. It's a great, great national in-state rivalry. We should be playing each other. There is no question about that. There probably isn't anyone who would disagree with that."

Well said, Mr. Stache. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that one or two of you might have an opinion on these comments.

Q&A with Pitt Coach Dave Wannstedt [Rivals]

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Unknown said...

i can't think of two more irrelevant questions to ask the mustache....oh wait, "what color of socks are you wearing?" AND "why?"

Adam said...

I would disagree with that.

Louis Lipps no longer accepts my phone calls... said...

Pitt vs. Penn State talk is good for about 55 more comments than usual on this site.

Unfortunately, about 45-50 of those comments are all from that Adam guy.

BURGH08 said...

I can't believe they didn't ask Wanny what he thought of the smell of manure and a grill, or his opinion of drum majors.

Kyle Chrise said...

of course stache wants to play the white hats every year, because that would get his team on ABC. I mean, I'd love to see the teams play this year, but I think it's the only year of this decade where it would be a good game.

Adam said...

You know BURGH, you take ignorance to a whole new level. You've been making this personal attack on me every time I've said something on this site for a year now and I've had just about enough.

If you want to argue about football and the Pitt-Penn State dynamic, whatever man, that's what I'm here for. But it's clear you don't want that debate. You just want to get your jollies by telling someone you don't even know that they don't have any life and that the reasons they love college football are a big joke.

Grow up.

Ignorant people like you are the reason I hate Pitt. You're incapable of appreciating what college football is, not only at Penn State, but Pitt as well, and that's really a shame.

If you just want to watch a football game, go turn on the Steelers. But for those of us that get our fill of sterility and overblown egoes on Sunday, let us enjoy what's left of the tradition and purity of college football.

I've watched Pitt fans go nuts hen their drum major does the back bend. Are they douches too? I think not. I think you just don't get it.

If all you're focused on when you watch a college football game is the football game, then you're missing out, and I feel bad for you.

Unknown said...

Adam - curious... why would you disagree?

I understand the financial dynamics on Penn State's side. They always play 7 home games and playing Pitt home and home would have them only playing 6 every other year. That's substantial lost revenue. However, I'm pretty sure something could be worked out between the schools to minimize the gap.

Throwing the financials out the window, because frankly, we don't have enough insight into that, why do you disagree?

Unknown said...

Kyle: That's a pretty short memory you have. PSU was horrid from 2000 to 2004. Since 2000 and including this year, PSU has a winning percentage of .618 while Pitt has a winning percentage of .601. That amounts to two more victories for PSU.

I think it's fair to say it would have been a competitive series this decade.

Steve said...

So much for the belief that Peterno isn't the reason Pitt and Penn State don't play each other. Hmmm, I wonder who started that rumor and how could this person know more about the issue than the Stache?

NickDawg said...

Kyle - if you want to watch Pitt on ABC just tune into the game next week when we wreck Notre Dames world at 8pm on ABC...Prime Time Baby!

And then tune into when we play WVU and Cincy..all should be Prime Time and interesting instead of watching Northwestern look like doormats

give me the brandy said...

Brian, why couldn't PSU play Pitt every year and still play 7 home games.

One game vs pitt + one game vs good NC team (Bama or whoever) = 1 one home game + 2 cupcakes + 4 conference = 7.

Unknown said...

Ugh I was just typing up all the scenarios out and it's a lot. Let's just say this. There schedule up through 2015 makes it VERY difficult because they already have home and aways scheduled with UVA in 2013, 2014 then Rutgers and Nebraska in 2014, 2015. They only play one road game a year non-conference. 2013 would be open for them, but no other years. Post 2015 though...

That's definitely a solution. Pitt just has to be one of those home and home every single year.

BURGH08 said...

Adam-you had me at 'fill of sterility'.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


This is the only year this decade that it'd be a good game?

They played once this decade in 2000. Pitt won, but you're right, it wasn't that good of a game.

Anonymous said...

"We need to be playing Penn State." - Stache

But Penn State doesn't need Pitt. They could do a 1 and 1 with Pitt, they just don't really need to.

Up until the past 2 years, we've been able to recruit pretty well in Pittsburgh. Now that Pitt and Ohio State are starting to take those recruits, it's more likely we would need to start playing Pitt. If Pitt keeps improving, it will make it more necessary to restart this rivalry.

Also, since Stache didn't coach at Pitt until 5 years after the rivalry ended, I'll take JoePa's explanation as more likely being the truth, since he was actually around. Plus even though he's known to by an old cramudgen, JoePa isn't really known as a liar. (Not saying Stache is, just that JoePa isn't)