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Hines Ward has been in the news quite a bit lately. Perhaps you've heard a discussion or 10 about him in the last five minutes.

But while 86 was busy in full damage control on Sportscenter this morning, I was distracted with the news that he's available in truly limited laptop form.

Toshiba and GQ are auctioning off these limited edition Hines Ward model laptops on eBay, along with custom laptops designed by Aerosmith's Joe Perry, The Office's Rainn Wilson, and everyone's favorite Mike Tomlin lookalike, Omar Epps of House. Only four of the Ward laptops are being made available to the public, making it a limited edition in the truest sense.

All proceeds from the auctions go to Ward's charity of choice - the Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation, a fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation. As of this posting, the bidding was at $510, with 33 bids in. Toshiba might want to help the bidding by mentioning that the wide screen on this laptop is great for re-watching all of Hines' controversial interviews on YouTube.

Hines Ward, Celebrity Inspired, Toshiba P505 Laptop [eBay]

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johnny said...

Does the Hines laptop criticize your anti-virus hard drive every time you get a virus, noting that other hard drives play through malware, trojans, and viruses all the time?