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Don't mean to interrupt the Steeler discussion, but a few breaking stories to pass along...

--Larry Johnson is headed to Cincy. After Cedric Benson was injured in yesterday's game against the Steelers, the Bengals picked up the phone and dialed "panic". LJ is en route to Cincinnati and is expected to sign today. This should end well. [PFT]

--Alex Goligoski is out 2-3 weeks. The dreaded "lower body injury" has struck again. OK, who's working the Penguin voodoo doll? [Trib]

--Jonathan Baldwin is the Big East Offensive Player of the Week. And deservedly so, after a five-catch, 142-yard, one-touchdown performance against Notre Dame on Saturday night. [KDKA]

--Gametime is set for the Backyard Brawl. Leave your day-after-Thanksgiving open, because Pitt and WVU will be facing off at 7 PM in Morgantown. The game will be telecast on ESPN2. [PG]

--No Pirates won the NL Rookie of the Year. Andrew McCutchen finished fourth and Garrett Jones placed seventh. Chris Coghlan from Florida took home this year's award, with J.A. Happ coming in second and Tommy Hanson third. [John Perrotto Twitter]

--Yesterday was Ben Roethlisberger's worst game since last year's 15-6 loss to the Eagles. Yeah, the Steeler offense stunk that day, too. [PG]

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Steve said...

Rumor is Bylsma will be playing for a 6th defensemen, making it the first time since Charlie Burns with the Minnesota NorthStars in 1970 that a coach also played.

Anonymous said...

Not counting the goalie position, the Pens are actually missing 8 of their 10 best players nearly all at once. Considering each has/will be missing at least two weeks each, they've all been fairly significant. Has that ever happened to any team, anywhere?

Steve said...

I think it's only 7 but still:

Sergei Gonchar
Kris Letang
Brooks Orpik
Alex Goligoski
Tyler Kennedy
Max Talbot
Chris Kunitz

Anonymous said...

I was counting Malkin too, but I suppose GoGo had the sense of mind to wait for Geno to come back before getting hurt so the power play wouldn't become a complete wreck.