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WE'RE #1

Regardless of where we stand on previous issues, there's one thing we can agree on: we're in the midst of a golden age in Pittsburgh sports right now. In fact, it's good enough to score the #1 ranking of The Sporting News as America's greatest sports city, for whatever that's worth other than bragging rights. And the best news of all - we dethroned last year's #1, Boston, and also topped Philadelphia in the process.
The Steel City dethroned 2008’s No. 1 Boston, which had finished atop the list three of the past five years but dropped to third, behind No. 2 Philadelphia, on the 2009 list. Rounding out the top 10 are No. 4 Chicago and No. 5 Los Angeles, No. 6 New York, No. 7 Phoenix, No. 8 Miami, No. 9 Dallas-Fort Worth and No. 10 Detroit.
Most impressive about this feat is that it was accomplished with the anchor known as the Pirates trying to drag down the city. I think at this point their purpose is to balance out the local sports universe for a few months each year, which is pretty much the only thing they manage to do right on a regular basis.

Pittsburgh Ranked No. 1 in Sporting News' 16th Annual Best Sports Cities []

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Unknown said...

woo hoo!

now i'm going back to work...

The Mad Bubbler said...

They should've had Santonio and Malkin do the photo shoot, that conversation would've been interesting.

SantoGold said...

Maybe they could have have Ben & Sid take the picture in front of PNC Park....the only thing about the Pirates worth seeing.

Anonymous said...

I think this proves Ed Rendell might be the greatest governor ever. #1 and #2 sports cities, 3 major sports championships, 2 teams in NCAA basketball elite 8, AHL champion Hershey Bears, women's football champions Pittsburgh Passion (I think they won, I didn't pay attention). All of that happened in one year. No other governor can match that.

Steve said...

Wow, Rendell neither impresses me, or bothers me, but I wouldn't tie any sports team or regionial sporting success to who the governor happens to be at the time the are successful.

Other than him being involved in the process that got the Pens a new arena and him being a pro-Eagles cheerleader, saying he has anything to do with these teams, or any other teams success is like saying Pennsylvania has the greatest DMV's because look at the results of the sports teams.

Unknown said...

I assume the trophy is in the mail?

BURGH08 said...

Rendell is a sack of crap, and has nothing to do with the award.

Before anyone mentions 'he helped keep the Pens', don't think for a second the guy does it solely for his own fat behind, not the state.

Not to be critical.