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Mike Tomlin wrapped his Tuesday press conference, and the big news is that Jeff Reed will be kicking on Sunday. One might wonder why Reed seemingly got a pass while Santonio Holmes was forced to sit a week after his marijuana possession arrest last season, and Tomlin's got an answer for those people:
In describing the differences, Tomlin said the Holmes incident was a possible distraction because it occurred later in the week and he deactivated him to minimize the distraction. He said it was "not punitive". Because Reed's incident happened on Sunday, they have "an opportunity to address it," Tomlin said.

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Brendon said...

I know I don't follow football as much as anyone else, but why is the person taking the piss in public getting a free pass on this? All the talk is about Reed, but no one says a word about Matt Spaeth with his dick out in public, urinating. But Reed is the embarrassment.

Unknown said...

Reed has been doing this shit for years now. Nary a year goes by that we don't get a glimpse of a half naked Reed hitting on some 19-year old girl. Skippy has compounded his problems; barely anyone even remembers that Spaeth still has a roster spot. That's why no one cares that he's involved.

Chip said...

For future reference:

Big Ben hosting a goofy wrestling program that 8 year old kids are smart enough to realize is just silly mindless fun = Not offensive.

Skippy Reed beating the hell out of a Sheetz dispenser or threatening to fight cops in defense of his teammate's right to piss on a public street = offensive.

If the "Steeler Way" means turning a blind eye to imbeciles like Reed, then it truly is dead. I'd rather lose to the Vikings on a shanked FG by Czech than win with this douchebag. Shame on the Rooneys for selling out their morals.

YinzerInExile said...

What the Skipster did was fantastically stupid. Or, I should say, it was *yet another* fantastically stupid thing. But it's not like he shanked someone, or killed or maimed someone in a drunk driving accident, or slaughtered dozens of companion animals, etc.

I'm not making an excuse for his behavior -- which, honestly, seems more moronically self-destructive than anything -- but let's do keep it in perspective. Should he be suspended for sheer dimwittedness? Yeah, probably. Does he need help? I don't know, possibly.

Would I rather the team lose to BrittFar than field a dopey, misguided, douchey kicker who (for the most part) gets the job done?

No. No, not really.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Did anyone else picture the Notre Dame logo when a report said that "Reed curled his fists at the officers"??

Also, what did Reed &/or Spaeth do to get the cops called to the bar? The cops caught them doing stupid things in the parking lot, but what happened before that?

All this talk about the "Steeler Way" is hogwash. That has been long long gone & was probably never true in the first place. Sure the Rooney's are as much of a class act as you'll ever find & sure we don't draft/sign the awful character players. But to think that we wouldn't ever or haven't ever had anything but choir boys on our team is just plain ignorant and foolish. The next time that i hear the words "Steeler" & "way" in succession, will be far far too soon. Funny how every team that wins the super bowl has a nice writeup in the local paper afterwards about the "patroits way", "giants way", "colts way". I forget if it was Jack Lambert or Jack Hamm, but one of those greats said the following: "Winning leads to chemistry, not the other way around."