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From the Trib:
Making his first public comments since a confrontation with police last Sunday night, Reed said, "I have the utmost respect for this community, this team this organization. I apologize it for being a distraction to this team."

When asked what he would say to fans following his second run-in with the law in the last eight months, Reed said, "I went to the (Penguins) game last night and everybody was real complimentary and real nice to me. They know that I love this community and I love Steelers Nation so if I need to apologize to them I do apologize to them and I would never let this city down."
Public tinkler/tight end Matt Spaeth also apologized for his distraction, which has flown mostly under the radar due to the fact that he wasn't the one who beat up a Sheetz towel dispenser earlier this year.

Going forward, I'm sure most of Steeler Nation will be in a forgiving mood on Sunday - given that Reed and Spaeth can help the team hand Minnesota their first loss of the season. Right or wrong, sadly, that's just the way it is, lest we forget the two players who helped the team win a Super Bowl that had some legal problems of their own in 2008.

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