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On the heels of Friday's win over Rutgers comes another bit of good news for the 6-1 Pitt Panthers: they're ranked in both major national polls for the first time this season, as well as the BCS rankings.

The Panthers are ranked #20 in the BCS, 20th in the AP, and 19th in the USA Today. The last time Pitt was ranked would be prior to the 2008 Sun Bowl, when they were 18th in the AP Poll. Their high point in the 2008 rankings was week eight, when they were 17th in both the AP and BCS.

The Panthers are one of three Big East schools ranked in the top 25 this week, joining Cincinnati (#5 AP, #6 USA Today, #6 BCS) and WVU (#22, #22, 22). Which means the conference is finally getting at least some measure of respectability from the rest of the country.

Of interest to many of you, 6-1 Penn State is ranked 13/11/11 following their 20-0 win over Minnesota on Saturday. Terrelle Pryor's Ohio State Buckeyes, despite a lethargic offense and a loss to previously 1-5 Purdue, are ranked 18/17/17 with a 5-2 record.

In the coming week, Pitt takes on South Florida, West Virginia hosts UConn, and Penn State travels to Michigan for a meeting of the minds with Rich Rodriguez. Which means a lot of us will be pretty much useless next Saturday due to the abundance of important football games on the tube.

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Unknown said...

it's about frickin' time and after watching notre dame vs. usc, i have to say, i think usc is over rated and pitt is under rated...but given the ncaa method of determining a champion, it is clear pitt will never have a chance to win - nor will a lot of other good ncaa football teams - i mean where do we go from here; oh yeah, we continue to crown teams as national champs who don't actually deserve it - ncaa football is a lot like mlb - except mlb doesn't assume and awards the teams with the most money whereas college football does the same, but it's about what team who is supposed to have the great players - i know i'm rambling but hopefully it can be understood - i am not a writer

BURGH08 said...

I'm a Pitt fan and long time season ticket holder, but I don't see Pitt as a top 20 team.

I know that would get me run off the Pantherlair, but the problem with college football is teams can play awful to mediocre schedules and get ranked. This also goes for Penn State and WVU who are also ranked and haven't really beaten anyone.

If Pitt wins 2 of their next three games, I would be surprised.

JW said...

I agree with Burgh08, huge Pitt guy here myself but need to see much more to consider the Panthers a Top 20 team. That said, the next few games are winnable (even ND), and if they go 9-1 heading into WVU and Cincy, I'll be ecstatic.

Jared said...

Not going to last long..

BURGH08 said...

I guess knowing when to use "to", "two", or "too" at State College is a graduate course.

I would agree it won't last long though. Penn State will actually have to play a legitimate program a week or two before the season ends.

Jared said...

Penn State is BCS bound, Burgh. Enjoy watching your Panthers in the always exciting International Bowl!

Adam said...

Shut up Burgh. Pitt hasn't played anyone either.

BURGH08 said...

You know if there is even a whiff that Penn State is being wronged, Adam will come to save the day.

Wipe your chin kiddo, and read my first post.

Jared: Was it 'exciting' watching USC blow the doors off of Penn State last year?

Or should I post if it was exciting 'to'?

Adam said...

It's a helluva lot more exciting to get blown out in the Rose Bowl than to lose 3-0 in the Sun Bowl. Trust me.

BURGH08 said...

I have Penn State fans in my family that think Pitt's loss was actually better. To me, a loss is a loss, but even a gobbler like Adam would try to find out 'which loss was worse'.

Of course, they are actually State fans that have some sense of reality, not one that posts about the smell of 'manure and grilling' or rushes in to watch the drum major before a kickoff.

Again, I have no problem with Adam's allegiance. I do have a problem with his mental capacity.

Adam said...

Yeah...I can see how the idea of tradition could blow your mine, seeing as Pitt tries WAY to hard to act like they have one...I guess it's just to far above you.

BURGH08 said...

Is it tradition to be illiterate 'too'? Or is Adam and Jared the same poster?

Poor Adam. Always the last one to get it.