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If last night's actions by Scott Hartnell set any precedent, then the Penguins are allowed to bite the fingers of opponents with no fear of discipline from the Garage League (sometimes known as the NHL). Witness:

Sources told cable sports network TSN that referees Eric Furlatt and Dean Morton along with linesmen Don Henderson and Jean Morin did not see the alleged incident and as such, there was insufficient evidence to further penalize Hartnell.

Hartnell told reporters he did not bite Letang, adding that "a lot of stuff happens on the bottom of the pile. He had his hands in my face doing the face wash and we're rolling around. I can't say what happened."

Of course Hartnell's not going to admit it. He may be dumb, but he's not that dumb.

Flyers' Hartnell avoids fine, suspension []

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Unknown said...

I'm not going to get worked up about it. I watched the replay of the scrum at least a dozen times and I can't see him bite Letang. I assume the powers that be in Toronto didn't have any better angles. Pens will just have to deal out some on-ice justice.

Unknown said...

Couldn't the league have taken one look at the soulless ginger and just assumed he did it?

SantoGold said...

Wow, what a gadawful picture that is of Hartnell.

Steve said...

The league usally won't penalize girls like Hartnell for biting and hair pulling. That's all the game they got and to take it away from them would be like stealing from the blind. He'll get his, those kind always do. Maybe the hockey gods will give him a ruptured spleen or something.

PittCheMBA said...

So, the bite mark on Letang's finger is not evidence. Can someone call in CSI and get some DNA evidence???