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--The Penguins did their best Steeler imitation and blew a lead in the final period last night, yet redeemed themselves by winning the shootout against the Carolina Hurricanes. Bill Cowher is undoubtedly beside himself today.

The win caps a 4-0 road trip for the Penguins, who now sport a 6-1 record in the young 2009-10 season. Mike Rupp and Geno Malkin scored in regulation, while Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz beat Cam Ward in the shootout. Marc-Andre Fleury ran his mark to 6-0 in the win.

The Pens return home for a reunion with Ryan Malone and Tampa on Saturday night.

--Speaking of former Penguins, Mark Madden takes a look at a controversial commercial featuring Georges Laraque and the Nitro Girls. And yes, there's video. [WXDX/Mark Madden]

--Here's a list of five NFL trades that makes sense. And to add intrigue, one of them involves Limas Sweed. []

--A Pittsburgh fire truck clipped a van carrying Russell Crowe during filming of The Next Three Days. And no, it was not in the script. That's just some Pittsburgh improv. [WTAE]

--What's the Joe Paterno Ethnic Comment of the Week? []

--The Rooneys are great owners, but they look a lot better considering all the awful owners in the NFL these days. [PB&G]

--Looking back on it, the Sergei Gonchar contract wasn't so bad after all. [The Hockey News]

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

As someone of half-Irish descent, I personally take offense to JoePa's comment and demand that he never be allowed to own a pro football team.

I sense that Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, and Cortland Finnegan will also help me in this endeavor.

Seriously though, what JoePa said is funny to me. He is just an Old School Italian. My paternal grandmother, who was Italian, was certainly not crazy about my Dad marrying an Irish woman!

Unknown said...

If any team is willing to give up a seventh round pick in 2047, a case of balls and a $5 off any purchase of $50 or more coupon to Dick's, I say pull the trigger on the Sweed trade.

Brian said...

It's just good-natured ribbing, I hope nobody gets upset by it.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

My irish blood is boiling from JoePa's good-natured, not-even-remotely-offensive comments! However, as a PSU alum, i am required to give JoePa the benefit of the doubt & a reach-around no matter the circumstance.

It's not like he called him a drunken idiot who can't stay out in the sun for more than five minutes! Oh wait, that's me :'-(

If the chiefs throw in free face bandaids, androstenedione, & the rights to that old commercial where the guy is painting the endzone at arrowhead and the player comes up & says "nice job, but who are the chefs?" (anybody else remember that lil piece of randomness?), then, & only then, would i consider losin limas.