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LT 3.0 is wearing a protective boot around the team's practice facility today and may miss the opener with a high ankle sprain, which usually sidelines a player for 2-3 weeks. Adjust your linebacker fantasy ratings accordingly. At the very least, Timmons is going to sit out the preseason finale on Thursday against Carolina.

If Timmons can't go next Thursday versus Tennessee in the opener, that spot in the lineup will go to Keyaron Fox, the sixth-year backer signed last year following a four-year stint with the Kansas City Chiefs. You may remember him from such classic hits as this one on Saturday night against the Bills. He's not Lawrence Timmons, but he's no slouch.

Steelers' Timmons may miss opener with ankle sprain [PG]

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Unknown said...

too bad about timmons, but who is the hot chick?

Steve said...

Exactly...and why isn't Roethlisberger getting that kinda tail?

Chip said...

It's hard to tell because you can't clearly see her face but I'm pretty sure that's one of those Univision-Televisa (Mexican tv channel) reporter babes they send to the Super Bowl every year.

And good job getting rid of the solid and dependable Larry Foote for this injury prone bust. Damn cheap Rooneys!