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STEELERS (1-0) 13
TITANS (0-1) 10

Thoughts from the opener:

1. You may not be a fan of the Black Eyed Peas. You may not be a fan of Tim McGraw. In fact, I am a fan of neither. But that pregame concert looked pretty festive, at least from the comforts of home. The city brought its A-game.

2. Let's get this out of the way early: it's clearly John Madden's fault that Troy Polamalu will be out up to six weeks with a knee injury. Larry Fitzgerald, consider yourself warned...unless it's the Head and Shoulders Curse in effect.

3. That was one of the most pathetic attempts at a rushing attack I've seen since, oh, the last time the Steelers played the Titans. Let's face it: running the ball was not this team's strength last year and it will not be their strength this year. As Mark Madden said on his show yesterday, "These are not your Daddy's Steelers. But your Daddy's Steelers threw the ball, too."

4. Ben Roethlisberger was his usual self. He took some bad sacks, looked like he was moving in slow motion for most of the first half, then turned it on at exactly the times you would expect: at the end of the first half, the end of the second half, and in overtime. In fact, if 86 doesn't uncharacteristically fumble that ball, it's game over.

5. Large Ben threw for 363 yards, the most he's ever thrown for in a Steeler win. And since NBC flashed a stat that he's engineered 17 4th quarter or OT game-winners since 2004 (most in the NFL, by the way), I guess last night would be #18.

6. Santonio Holmes, who looks like he's ticketed for the Pro Bowl, had nine catches, 131 yards, and a TD - the exact stat line he had in Super Bowl 43. Nine catches is also a career high for Holmes.

7. The difference in this game actually came down to special teams. If Rob Bironas makes two very make-able field goals, the Steelers probably don't win that game. And if you're looking for another example of how improved the Steelers' ST unit is, just go back to the start of the game. Long return by Logan, three and out, punt by Sepulveda backs the Titans against their own end zone, they can't do anything and punt, Steelers take over in Titan territory. That's field position, my friends.

8. For all the hoopla, LenDale white had eight carries for 28 yards, and allegedly turned down an offering of a Terrible Towel. That should sufficiently put that story to bed.

9. If you're a Twitter fan and you're not following Sports Pickle during the game, you are truly missing out. A particular favorite of mine is DJ's retorts to Peter King's tweets.

10. I love Santonio, but please explain why he's wearing a Mike Vick Eagles jersey after the game?

11. Heath Miller matched his career high of eight catches, which came last year against...the Tennessee Titans.

12. Before his injury, Polamalu might have been playing the best football I've ever seen him play. And this INT? Unreal is the only word that comes to mind.

13. Besides his untimely gaffe, Hines Ward had eight catches for 103 yards. In other words, he showed up for another big game. OK, well at least he showed up for 99.9% of it. The last time Ward lost a fumble was in Week 9 of the 2006 season in a 30-21 loss to the Broncos.

14. The Titans had 320 yards of offense; ironically, they were the team that broke the Steelers' streak of sub-300 defensive games last season as well.

15. Looks like rookie WR Mike Wallace is a keeper, with three catches for 32 yards, one coming in crunch time. As for our dear Limas, well, if you can't say something nice...

16. Steeler rushing stats: Parker 13-19; Moore 5-8; Mendenhall 4-6. Hope you weren't banking on big fantasy weeks from any of them.

17. The Titans sacked Roethlisberger four times, although some will be credited to his style of play as opposed to line deficiencies. The Steelers only reached Collins once (James Farrior). That was also the first time the Steelers ever beat a Collins-led team in four attempts.

18. The Steelers' leading tackler last night? Would ya believe guest star Keyaron Fox with 10?

19. I hope for NBC's sake that the Great Jay Leno Experiment works, because it's obvious that they're heavily banking on that scenario.

20. Did I hear a Mike Florio shout-out during the broadcast last night from Al Michaels?

21. Nate Washington's line: one catch, eight yards. Although he did look great riding the bike on the sidelines.

22. Bo Scaife is claiming "cheap shot" status on the James Harrison hit. Somehow, I doubt Silverback is going to lose sleep over it.

23. Next up for the Steelers: Jay Cutler and Da Bears on September 20 at 4:15 Is it safe to say Cutler may be well on his way to becoming the A-Rod of football? I'd say yes.

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Unknown said...

Well the next three to six weeks just got a lot more interesting...

mondesishouse said...

Also, I don't know how I forgot to mention this, but the officiating was AWFUL last night, between the Polamalu phantom pass interference and James Harrison being held.

Unknown said...

Yeah forgot about that pass interference call. I never want to hear about how the refs are in our pocket ever again. Awful, awful call.

D. C. said...

I think Ben is half an inch away from a mullet.

Unknown said...

great post - best i'll read all day i'm's sometimes hard to tell when you're at the game, but it felt like we didn't get one call in the entire first half...

Unknown said...

Good recap. Defense took awhile to adjust sans Poly but did well considering. When will Ben stop giving up 19yd sacks?

okel dokel said...

The running game is gone, but they need to start being more creative to get it going. It is way too obvious when they are going to run.

We can say good bye to Willie Parker...he just doesn't have it anymore. I would much rather have Mendenhall, Moore, Deloplaine or Erenberg running the ball than Willie. Yes the blocking and the schemes suck but he just does not seem to want to "tough it out" to get the yardage.

Nice wiff by Frank the Tank on a couple of blocks. Hopefully, he can get it together.

On a side note, Florio and PFT just plain suck now. I am weary of all the Steeler hater aide on the site. Most of the douchebags over there don't know real football. I guess becasue they watch teams like the Bengals and Browns.

mondesishouse said...

Wow.. Sal Pal is on ESPN and is gushing about the Steelers. He said Tomlin is BY FAR the best coach in the NFL, combining the communcation skills of Dungy with the fire of Gruden.

He also said Roethlisberger belongs in the same breath as Unitas, Bart Starr, and Tom Brady.

biggamekilla said...

If anyone wants to read what some junk head in L.A. wrote about the city of Pittsburgh check this out...classless

Steve said...

Arians is as uncreative and predictable as ever. Can't run the ball?...let's give it to Wee Willie Parker on 3rd and 2 many. Awful coaching from Tomlin and Arians through most of the game. Even LeBeau couldn't stay with what works...and that's getting pressure on Collins. bringing 3 or 4 and dropping everyone into coverage isn't going to work. Eventually he's going to find an open receiver. When the blitzed Collins was no where near as effective.

Starks is a joke already. The sack he gave up where he back peddled and let two defenders blow by him untouched on either side is more proof of this. It's been proven time and time again the best O-linemen are also the smartest. Our O-line msut have the IQ of a rock.

Thank God for a 100% improved special teams and a solid receiving core even though Santonio just went down a few notches IMO by wearing that jersey.

Steve said...

Sorry, I would check out the LA Times retarded, 3rd world non-sense, except I still firmly believe you can get HEP or AIDS by reading anything they create.

dice said...

That LA Times article is nothing but pure garbage. As far as the running game goes, Willie just doesn't seem to want to hit the hole hard. He's always dancin around even when the hole is already created, instead of just running hard upfield. You would think he would be balls out heading towards FA.

dice said...

Santonio in the Vick jersey makes me sick...

Unknown said...

Some more Big love...

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I am not a fan of Tone sporting the Vick jersey, but he is from tOSU and they do advocate murder and second chances apparently.

Big Ben is Big Ben, you what you are going to get from him and that is icewater in the veins when the game is on the line.

Officials were AWFUL! And Collinsworth and Michaels made it worse by trying to accuse the Steelers of things they didnt do but wanted them to be called ( for example: no FC signal from Finnegan, illegal fwd pass on Ben, blow to the head of Potsie, etc.)

Overall, if we can run the ball better then it is going to be a great year.