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The Penguins aren't quite done shuffling their deck, as they claimed LW Chris Bourque off waivers from the Washington Capitals and lost LW Paul Bissonnette to Phoenix today.

The 23-year-old Bourque, son of NHL legend/hired Avalanche mercenary Ray Bourque, was the 33rd selection in the 2004 draft by the Caps. Last season, he scored one goal in eight NHL games while notching 21 goals and 52 assists in 69 games for Hershey of the AHL. He's young, he's got some upside, and he's not going to break the bank. Plus, they took him away from Washington, as a little bonus.

Bissonnette, a fourth-round pick of the Penguins in 2003, appeared in 15 games with the team last season, with one assist and 22 penalty minutes to his credit. In 57 AHL games in 2008-09, he tallied nine goals, seven assists, and a team-leading 176 penalty minutes. He was a tough guy, but that role's already been filled by Eric Godard. As a result, he'll be headed to Phoenix, where at least the weather is better than the hockey.

In other Pens news, the team released the first photo of the freshly-engraved Stanley Cup. Rings, Cup can see how this is slowly building to a dramatic banner-raising later this week.

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NickDawg said...

where is Therrien on the cup? He had a big contribution to them winning the cup...

Unknown said...

Judging by the reader comments on, the Caps "fans" are incredibly pi$$ed about the Bourque signing.

I love how the Pens are soooo under their skin that a relatively minor, roster-filling move drives them crazy.

Unknown said...

They're acting like they just lost Ovechkin. The kid looks like he might be a decent player in the future, but seriously, WTF is wrong with Caps "fans"? The sky isn't falling because you lost a marginal player to a team you don't like.

Steve said...

About 50% of them all have usernames like Pensuk58 or IhatethePens. Unreal. Since when did the Penguins become the anti-christ of the NHL? These fans sole focus every season - like that of the Capitals and Flyers teams - is only on the Penguins. It's a beautiful thing.