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With the breaking news that Frank the Tank Summers is heading to injured reserve and therefore missing the rest of his uneventful rookie season, the door has officially been opened for the return of RB Carey Davis to the Steelers. The official terminology from Dr. Tomlin is a "mysterious" back injury. Is that "mysterious" as in "imagined for roster maneuvering"?

Davis, who's been cut no less than five times by my count, was most recently with the Steelers in training camp this season after spending the past two seasons on their roster. Will this help the struggggling running game? Well, it couldn't get much worse, so my best guess is "probably".


In other news, WR Limas Sweed (shown above in a much happier moment, before he dropped any touchdowns) could be sent to the bench on Sunday (could?), much to the delight of Steeler Nation. Coach Mike Tomlin also revealed that RB Rashard Mendenhall, currently rocketing up the all-time list of Steeler draft busts, is not in the doghouse, for such a thing does not exist in the Tomlinverse.

Injuries beyond Troy Polamalu's for this week's game against San Diego include RB Willie Parker (turf toe), C Justin Hartwig (ankle) and TE Matt Spaeth (hip). They will all be limited in practice this week. Also, rookie TE David Johnson suffered a high-ankle sprain and will probably be out for several weeks. However, he'll still be able to report for his night job at WPXI. Wait, wrong David Johnson.

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