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That's what Trent Dilfer says in his rankings of the position today. Sure, Roethlisberger may have two Super Bowl rings at the ripe old age of 26, but of course that doesn't elevate him past Drew Brees and Phil Rivers in the eyes of the most maligned Super Bowl-winning QB in NFL history. Dilfer omitted Big Ben from his "Elite" category (reserved for King Brady and King Manning), and even his "Superstar" category (limited to Rivers and Brees, and described as "Quarterbacks with no holes in their games who have demonstrated an ability to carry their teams. They are a championship ring away from joining Manning and Brady among the elite. There's no game plan these guys can't beat."). He forgot to mention the part about Brees winning one playoff game in his career. So I guess there is a game plan he can't beat.

Where did Ben land on this latest national slap in the face of a list? He's lumped in with such also-rans as Matt Hasselbeck and Donovan McNabb in tier 3, "stars", described as "Quarterbacks who have overcome small holes in their games to produce in a big way and enjoy big-game success. These are consistent prime-time performers, with very little separating them from Superstar status."

In the event that Dilfer is experiencing amnesia, let me remind him that Roethlisberger has a 51-20 record as a starter and a career passer rating of 89.4, good for 9th all-time. And he's 8-2 in the playoffs. Just imagine how great he'll be once he raises his game to elite status - only two levels away!

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AJ said...

Well... if anybody knows a thing or two about being a talentless QB with a Super Bowl ring, it's Trent Dilfer.

The Abiding Dude said...

Seriously! I wonder if Dilfer considers himself a superstar QB? Unbelievable!!!

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I think Kurt Warner was pretty low on the list as well.

I love Rivers being ahead of Ben despite Ben beating him head to head however many times.

Funny that McNabb and his 1-4 NFC Title game record is a big game performer along with " We want the ball and we're gonna score" Assholebeck.

The only thing left for Ben to do to match his those two would be to call one a girl and then throw up in the huddle with the Super Bowl on the line.

Anonymous said...

I love the site, but could you whine about Big Ben not being given enough respect a little bit less? Yes, he has 2 rings, but 1 of which is completely in spite of him. And let's not forget some of the unbelievable games we won during the season because of great defense (See: Dallas), and not because Big Ben in Joe Montana. I love the Stillers, and I'm a yinzer through and through, and don't take this as Ben bashing, because I love him as our quarterback, but for goodness sakes, take Big Ben's penis out of your mouth, and accept that he is a good quarterback on an often exceptional team. If you put him in New Orleans, they aren't half the team they are with Brees. And let me get this in before I am hated by all you homers who can't accept a negative(OR realistic) opinion, GO STILLERS!

NickDawg said...

put drew brees on the steelers and he wouldnt be able to get off a pass with the line

getfreshdesigns said...

nittanylion74, seriously Ben needs to be in the discussion for the elite, although SB XL was a bad game for Ben, he also led a #6 seed team through the home fields of the #3, #1, and #2 teams in the AFC, when did Brees do that? When did Rivers do that? Only reason Peyton was the MVP of his only super bowl, because he was Peyton Manning and his team won, his RBs were the rightful MVPs of that game.

Just because you a good defense doesn't mean you'll be a good team, look at the Ravens, they've wasted good defenses for almost a decade with shitty QBs.

tecmo said...

GetFreshDesigns hit the nail on the head, but I have to give some love to nittanylion74. Look, whether we like it or not, Ben will be hated on. I refuse to get all worked up because some asshole with a platform swims with the current and doesn't acknowledge how good of a QB Ben is. We'll never sway everyone...there will always be haters.

As Katt Williams says:

"You need haters. What the f*ck you think a hater's job is? To f*ckin hate, so let them do their goddam jobs. What the f*ck is you complainin' about? If you got 20 haters, you need 40 of them motherf*ckers."

So Trent Dilfer disrespected Ben...big deal. Who in their right minds is going to Trent Dilfer for football advice?

D. C. said...

If this was just homerism we would be clamoring for Ben to be ahead of Brady and Manning. I don't think it is biased to ask for Ben to be put ahead of Brees and Rivers.

I hate how people always go back to SB40 to knock Ben down, but forget about unbelievable playoff games he had prior to that...word up Get Fresh. I also think that his performance on the last drive of SB43 should negate his performance in SB40.

By the way, I think that Ben is way better than Brady and Manning put together. Go Stillers!

Unknown said...

Is that Mick Foley in the background of this picture???

expectingrain said...

How is it possible that the Browns and Texans are more valuable than the Steelers?

We could melt down our *6* Lombardi trophies and buy most of Ohio.

Steeleraddict said...

To the friend who sent this link to me (Chargers fan): I hope you actually read this. It is written by a Pittsburgh writer making fun of how stupid Trent Dilfer is & his rankings. I'm not sure you got that. If you really do value Dilfer's opinion, I feel even more sorry for you. It's all about winning baby & nobody is better at it than Big Ben! There a plenty of guys with talent that just fall consistently short of expectations. Not a catagory I would want any of my players to be in. :-) I kind of like being the team that people say he's not that good, or they aren't good enough in this way or that, they didn't run the ball enough last year, they allow too many sacks... but why do they keep beating us? Oh, & winning Super Bowls! You can underestimate us as long as you want. Personally, I think it's more fun to beat people when they think they should beat you & get all upset about it. :-)

Steeleraddict said...

Bradshaw is always treated like he wasn't one of the elite too, but I would never trade him & our 4 Super Bowl's with him for Marino or anyone of the "elite" that couldn't win the big game. You can't say either that adding an elite QB like Marino would just make us even better, because there is something about chemistry of a team coming together in the right way that results in Champions. Perhaps we would have relied to much on the pass then & not developed Franco or Rocky into what they were, or utilized them correctly. Having great individuals at many positions on the field does not necessarily result in winning. There are plenty of examples. You can keep Rivers & Brees. I will take them in Fantasy points though. :-)

Matt said...

I guess Dilfer didn't see Ben's last drive in the SB v AZ. Someone should play that for him sometime.

I call BS on this. It's a beauty contest.

Ben's got similar stats as Brady, but fewer SB', and more SB's and clutch wins as Manning, including a head to head division playoff win, but (subjectively) inferior stats.

So if Ben catches up to Brady, does he automatically jump 2 groups?

Unknown said...

Ben has never beaten Rivers head to head....I hate those stats...let the QB's switch teams and Rivers would beat Ben head to head....

Really though who cares about this? Are we supposed to whine and get up in arms Oh friggin well...we have the guy we want...let people underrate him....its more motivation.