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Tonight is not a time for jokes about sports, as a horrific tragedy has once again struck our city. Four months to the day after Richard Poplawski shot and killed three Pittsburgh police officers, a gunman opened fire at the L.A. Fitness in Bridgeville, killing several people before turning the gun on himself. The exact numbers are not known, but there are at least four people believed to be dead and up to 11 are thought to be wounded.

As I watch people on the news in tears describing the tragic scene they just witnessed, you realize just how mentally scarred many of our fellow Pittsburghers will be as a result of what happened on Tuesday night. I know that our city will band together and rally for each other in the wake of this event; that is not a question. What troubles me is that Pittsburgh has had to deal with two major tragedies too many in the span of just four months. Especially worrisome is the randomness of this act, blindsiding a gym where any of us could have been working out.

Keep the families and friends of the victims in your thoughts, as well as the others who survived and must deal with the mental baggage that they did not ask for. There's plenty of sports talk coming up on Wednesday, but for tonight, our city will be justifiably fixated on this developing story.

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