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Meet your newest Penguin, 2003 Stanley Cup hero Mike Rupp. The Champs just signed the 6'5", 230-pound center to a two-year deal for $1.65 million.

Rupp had three goals and six assists in 72 games with New Jersey last season, so he'll be ticketed for a lower-level line. He's not much of a scorer, with 35 goals and 36 assists in 335 career games. But he does have 412 penalty minutes to look forward to. Curious signing by Mr. Shero, but it's beyond me to question his expertise at this point.

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Jeff_King_Fan said...

today is the 19-day anniversary of the Penguins winning game 7 in detroit and lifting Lord Stanley. in case anyone forgot.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty bad when your highlight is from when hockey was on ABC.

Anonymous said...

hopefully he'll bring some grit to the 4th (?) line.
and Rupp's also my best friend's kinda-sorta-boyfriend's cousin.
ha WOOO for that =]