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-- Game 7 goal-scoring machine Max Talbot will be having surgery on one of his shoulders and may miss the first month of the season, according to reports. But don't worry, this is not expected to affect his Superstar status at A&L Motors. [WTAE]

--Ian Snell contemplated suicide a month ago? How did I miss this? []

--The Steelers' QBs are ranked 2nd in the NFL, which I can't complain about. But #1 is San Diego, which means I will complain loudly. [Fox]

--ESPN is debating who is really "America's Team", and James Walker makes the case for the Steelers. As if there's any debate. []

--Speaking of the Steelers, here are the top 5 performances by Steve McNair against the black and gold. []

--Four words: I Heart Bob Smizik. It's a new blog for all those who love to follow Pittsburgh's favorite retired-but-not-really sportswriter. [I Heart Bob Smizik]

--Here's a list of "the Top 10 Depressed MLB Fanbases", and the Pirates not only aren't #1, they're not even on the list. For once, I'm speechless. [Five Tool Tool]

--So Atlanta's in the market for a SS because Yunel Escobar is making Bobby Cox age even faster than normal. Could a Jack Wilson-Nate McLouth reunion be in the cards? [Fan Nation]

--The Twins are interested in All-Star Freddy Sanchez. So are the Giants. Don't act surprised, Pittsburgh. At this point, I think the Buccos would listen to offers for Clemente and Stargell if they were still on the roster. [Bleacher Report]

--And by the way, the Yankees may make a run at John Grabow, ironically because of an injury to Damaso Marte. You can't make this stuff up, folks. [NY Post]

--Dave Dameshek penned a nice article for the WWL about the nation's most beloved busted ballplayer, Manny Ramirez. Quitting on his teammates to force a trade, female fertility drugs, flaking out during games...of course fans would love him. Wait, what? []

--Jamie Dixon, Ashton Gibbs and the USA under-19 team are rolling right along in the FIBA World Championships. But can they get past the Elite Eight? [Pitt Blather]

--The Panthers just snagged their 13th recruit, Woodland Hills DT Khaynin Mosely-Smith. This is the spot where I usually put the one liner, but I have none at my disposal other than mentioning continued amazement at Wannstache's recruiting prowess. [PSI]

--The Billy Mays funeral was held in McKees Rocks, and the pall bearers were clad in Mays' trademark blue shirt and khakis look:

And a few things I missed over the holidays but wanted to shoehorn in:

--Rinku and Dinesh, the minor-league baseball version of the Sedin twins, appeared in their first pro game on Saturday for the Pirates' Bradenton team in the Gulf Coast League. Dinesh threw a scoreless inning on just nine pitches, while Rinku surrendered a run on two hits in his inning. Both had one strikeout. The bad news: if this works out, they'll both be traded for prospects. [PG]

--The ESPN Ultimate Team Rankings were released, and the Steelers were 3rd, the Penguins 8th, and the Pirates...94th. If not for cheap seats in a sweet stadium, they'd surely be giving the tire fire known as the Clippers a run for their money. []

--Former Tennessee Vol QB Jim Bob Cooter is facing aggravated burglary charges after allegedly getting into bed with a woman after climbing through a window of her Fort Sanders apartment. I don't know about you, but I'm shocked to hear that a guy named Jim Bob Cooter from Tennessee could run afoul of the law. []

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Kevin said...

One must have a living, non-comatose fanbase to have a depressed fanbase.

Unknown said...

I love his rationale: the Steelers and Pens just won championships so Pirates fans can't be THAT depressed. I knew I should have stopped reading after I saw that he had the audacity to put the Yankees on there. Yeah boo hoo, we all pity the Yankees and their fans.

jmarinara said...

Hmmm, the Hurricanes, Capitals, and Red Wings all finished above the Penguins. The Hurricanes above the Steelers (Whaaaaaaaaattttt????!!!!!)

Now, what is it that these three teams have in common, I know it's something!? What could it be, what could it be?? What is the common thread for the Cane's, Caps, and Red Wings??? For some reason I want to throw the Flyers in there. . .

Dang it, I can't put my finger on it!

Louis Lipps Sinks Ships said...

So the Chargers QBs take the top spot above the Steelers thanks in large part to Billy Volek's "playoff wins to fall back on." I suppose by "wins", Fox means the 4 passes he attempted in the 4th quarter of his only career playoff appearance for SD in 2007.

Unknown said...

if freddy gets traded this year, i probably will have a stroke...