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Outspoken former pitcher Curt Schilling is a card-carrying member of Steeler Nation, and as a card-carrying member, he is naturally defensive of his favorite team. So when dropped into a "Slugfest" staged debate with Mike Felger on Boston's website with the topic of "Why the Steelers are one of the most annoying franchises in sports", the gloves came off. A snippet of his defense:
The Steelers, annoying? What's the annoying part?

1) More Super Bowls than any franchise in NFL history?

2) Fewer head coches than most teams have in a decade, in their entire team history?

3) No drug scandals

4) No players that murdered someone in their family

5) Hall of Famer after Hall of Famer that were great guys. From Franco Harris, to Swann, Stallworth, Lambert, Ham, Blount to Bradshaw their franchise is littered with awesome players who were/are great people.
Curt makes some great points, although his inclusion of #3 predictably generated a spirited response from Felger. But rather than spoil the entire debate for you, I'll zip it at this point and you can be the judge of who made the more compelling argument. Because I'm sure you woke up this morning and wondered, "I wonder how a retired pitcher would defend the Steelers' honor right in the heart of Patriots' country?" Slugfests - Schilling vs. Felger [WEEI]
*Thanks to Art C. for the link

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jmarinara said...

That was pretty dumb, and yet I couldn't stop reading it.

*sarcasm* Boy I can't wait for football season to start so we start getting some Steelers posts on this blog. This drug scandal stuff is like all you hear during baseball season. *end sarcasm*

I mean seriously, how do you enter into a debate about the Steelers being annoying and come out of that debate talking about weather or not Curt knew there were drugs in the locker room?

Steve said...

The only thing that makes them "annoying" is they win and we all know the world loves to hate a winner, espcially when said winner isn't carrying enough dirty laundry for the haters to relate to, like "Hey, that guys like I want to be...a d!ckhead, selfish, gangsta-wannabe"

Don't worry everyone, one day this Steelers potential dynasty will be over too and you can circle the next winning team with the hatewagon. Let's just hope it's not your team, whoever that loser is.

Adam said...

A Patriots fan saying the Steelers are annoying is like a mosquito complaining about a fruit fly.

Adam said...

A Patriots fan saying the Steelers are annoying is like a mosquito complaining about a fruit fly.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

i think we should lay off patriot fans. they've been die hard since 2001.

johnny said...

No fanbase has suffered as much or knows as much about the game as the loyal fans of Joke Sox/Patriots/Celtics/and now that they are relevant again, Bruins nation.*

Just ask Simmons.

*Depending on which team is playing well so that their front-running fans can hop back aboard the bandwagon.

RizzoSports said...

No Drug Scandals, only b/c NFL has a joke of testing program, they really don't care about their players using HGH.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I didn't know the Patriors had a fan base prior to 2001