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It rained yesterday in Pittsburgh, and it apparently rained recently in the near vicinity of Steeler CB William Gay, at least according to Gay's brother's blog:

"This is my brother William Gay a motherf***** Superbowl Champ...wut u say bout that...a ol city boy from 850 done got himself a motherf***** diamond ring.."
Well said, young man. Well said.

I know one thing: between making it rain and his electrifying performance at the Steelers' victory parade, William Gay is already looking like a potential gold mine of material for the foreseeable future. I never knew he had it in him, and boy was I wrong.

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Unknown said...

Ugh....this is not the type of thing I like to see Steelers doing. He has some pretty big shoes to fill this year and if he can't he'll be a Bungle so fast his head will spin.

Dallas Mike said...

Five years removed from the NFL, he will be hawking his ring for cash because of insolvency.

Unknown said...

can't decide which is more obnoxious ...making it rain or the quote from his brother

Anonymous said...

So what's the forecast there? About twenty-five bucks? Thirty maybe?