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That was pretty fun, huh?

Last night's 4-2, series-tying victory begins and ends with the "Big Four", the nucleus of the team, the reason why Ray Shero insists that he will not deal any part of this core. Marc-Andre Fleury stopped 37 of 39 shots, after facing 19 in the first period alone. Sidney Crosby scored his first goal of the Finals and assisted on another. Geno Malkin set the night's pace with the game's first goal and an assist on the Crosby goal. And Jordan Staal emerged from his scoring slump with a shorthanded goal that very well could have turned the tide of the entire series (plus an assist, it's worth noting).

And how about Tyler Kennedy? I think we'll remember this goal for a while:

Penguin fans are as happy as Red Wings fans are nervous heading into the home stretch of what has become a three-game series. The Wings really started to look tired in Game Four, and there's even rumblings of some in-fighting among the Detroit players. Sure, they might get Pavel Datsyuk back soon, but as we often debate, at what percentage of his potential is it worth dressing a player?

Marian Hossa continued to underwhelm, as he remains goal-less in the series. And Chris Osgood looked like he wanted to get the license plate of that black-and-gold-colored truck that ran him over in a six-minute span of the second period. It was as much of an implosion as you may ever see out of the defending champs.

Meanwhile, the Mellon Arena faithful, including Paul Coffey, Big Ben, and of course, the Malkins, soaked up the festive atmosphere like a sponge. And for their part, the Finals will be returning to Pittsburgh in a few days for what could be a Cup-clinching Game Six. That means a championship could potentially be clinched in the city of Pittsburgh for the first time since Maz's home run ended the 1960 World Series.

Barry Melrose said this morning on ESPN that the Red Wings are the better team, but the Penguins have the two best players. I'll definitely agree with the second part of his statement, but after last night, I'm not so sure that even the Red Wings think they are definitively the better team. They're in a dogfight, and at this point, anything can happen.

The series resumes in Detroit on Saturday night at 8 PM. Expectations are high, but the road team has yet to win a game in this series. But let me think for a second...haven't the Penguins played in a Stanley Cup Final Game Five in Detroit once before? How did that end again?

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

Great game, but have to keep the machine rolling into the Murder City.

As a side note:
Dear EdZo,

Get over the fact that you were a lousy coach and we fired you. Or at least try not to be so obvious about the grudge you still clearly hold when calling a game.

The fact he was still whining about the no call on the 6 on 5 amazes me to a degree, especially since we did not score or prevent them from doing so and he totally ignored the 2 penalty shots we never got.

Steve said...

The guy in the official's uniform banging on the glass after Kennedy's goal is classic!

I thought the turning point was not necessarily Staal's goal, but the scrap Malkin got into with the Redwings right before being sent off for the penalty.

He was playing well before that, but whatever happened there pissed him off and he took over the game like a mad man as soon as he left the box.

The Redwings would be smarter if they just left Malkin alone. Let's hope they don't.

Steve said...

I agree, Burress.

I noticed that too and he was also quick to point out any other questionable call that favored the Pens in the past two games.

Olcyzk clearly holds a grudge and probably blames his old buddy Mario for throwing him under the bus.

okel dokel said...

They show some guy in the the crowd right after Sid's goal; does anyone know who he is? I thought it was Paul Coffey initially, but now I am not so sure.

Unknown said...

I was curious about that mystery man myself. Thought it might be Papa Crosby.

And Olcyzk was sooo irritating. I wanted to punch him in his "active stick."

Steve said...

I think it was Sid's dad, although I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't be sitting with Mario. Maybe that's why he didn't look all that excited.

mondesishouse said...

Pretty sure that was Troy Crosby:

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it was Troy. Couldn't figure out why he didn't appear very excited. Maybe he's trying to keep a little more under the radar that mama/papa Malkin.

Wings are looking tired. I've never seen them so sloppy. And puckdaddy says their bickering with each other to boot.

Unknown said...

Where is Hossa? HAHAHAHA! Malkin is a beast. It's a team effort at this was a great game to watch.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Has anyone else seen the amazing picture of Geno on the PG home page?

His face is one thing, but his shirt is another. I believe he is wearing a shirt that says " Hey Ladies!" and has a picture of a squirrel with giant nuts on it!

That is the mark of a true champion.