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Saturday was the much-anticipated Hines Ward Celebrity Softball Game at the Duquesne Field in Greentree, and from the looks of the 160-picture photo gallery provided by the guys at the Kiss 96.1 Morning Freak Show, it appears that everyone involved had a lot of fun.

The event, which featured Ward, Ben Roethlisberger, and a host of other Steelers, as well as Pittsburgh celebs like Sally Wiggin and Jim Krenn, raised $7,000 for the Fallen Heroes fund. The families of the officers were in attendance at the game.

The Steelers have had quite an offseason of fundraising since hoisting the Lombardi Trophy earlier this year. Their charity basketball circuit raised thousands of dollars for local schools and organizations, not to mention some buzzer-beating excitement, as well.

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SantoGold said...

When the game was over, did Hines Ward say that "No one believed I could play softball, this one was for all the doubters!".

Just kidding, I like Hines Ward = Steeler Forever.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

santo- LOL great comment!

is it weird that the seahawks actually complained about the umpiring in this game?

Chip said...

So was Neal Huntington there scouting for a possible 5th starter for the Pirates?

I don't have the radar gun numbers in front of me but I bet Sally Wiggin throws harder than Jeff Karstens.