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"From the collection of Mario's legendary wine cellars comes...Yeah, I ripped off the old Seahawks whine image and made this new version. The handshake incident required it." -- Steve B.
"I've created a picture celebrating the city's two championships this year. I thought I'd share it with you and your readers." -- Mike B., Red Fox PhotoThe newest sign in the Burgh, courtesy of our old pal, Dave Dameshek

"I had the great opportunity to go to Detroit for game 7. Three pics I thought you might enjoy. One is of Kevin Stevens (man he got big) and the second….well it seems someone (probably a Talbot) found the octopus and threw it back in the stands. The Pens fans enjoyed taking pictures with it." -- Ed H.

"Here are some pretty good pictures in the locker room with our boys celebrating with the cup." -- Mike C.

"I am attaching two photos from my wedding this weekend. We had a hockey themed wedding on June 13th which was timed beautifully, albeit completely coincidentally. B/c of the Penguins and the themed wedding, our story was featured on the front page of the PG on June 12th (Game 7 Tests Rivalries) and then we were interviewed on KDKA and WPXI 3 separate times. We had pucks as favors, hockey players as table names (we sat at the Mario Lemieux table, my best man sat at the Sidney Crosby Table), a hockey player cake topper, a ceremonial puck drop to start the reception, and then a mini-Stanley Cup there for everyone to drink out of.
Attached is the puck drop from our wedding and WPXI filming us in front of the Igloo." -- Joe B.

"Here is a screen grab from the NBC feed from last friday night, CBC never showed this angle. It is a great view from Talbot's back, so it was exactly what he was seeing. You don't need Gino's hands to find the twine with that much net showing. Talbot put it in just the right spot, but I do not believe Osgood knew where the pipes were behind him. GO PENS!" -- Matt P.


"Your linking of the Collier story reminded me of that one, plus two
other beauties from this season..

3) Wilbon's extremely accurate "Malkin sucks and Ovechkin is also
clearly better than Crosby because he recorded more hits than Crosby
in game 2
" piece

2) Burnside's "Caps are NHL's best young team" story after the Caps
somehow took a 2-0 lead on us (despite being clearly outplayed for
long stretches by the Pens)

1) Collier's "season is over" public service announcement from February"
From Sam S.


id anyone else pick-up on the exchange between Kris Letang and Alison Morris the other day on KDKA’s broadcast of the parade?

Alison Morris was at the beginning of the parade interviewing players and such as they began the parade route. I can’t recall exactly what was said but she said something like “hey, there goes Kris Letang” and when he heard his name he turned to see who it was and waved and blew her a kiss. She commented something like “oh wow, that just made my day” kind of in a subtle, subdued, sexy kinda voice. I really think she may have wet her pants, if you know what I mean. Kind of interesting now that her boyfriend has moved south to Atlanta. I only get to listen to Madden for about an hour each day and I haven’t heard him comment on it yet, you know with his pension for news broadcasters and I know Letang is one of his favorites on the team. I’ve tried to find the clip on-line but cannot (not sure if KDKA would want it out there, it was that obvious) My wife even commented. Just curious if anyone else picked up on it or sent in the clip????"
-- John M.

"I've been mildly perplexed as to who does the synthetic voice of Steely McBeam on the DVE morning show, I have a good guess now - it's Mark Madden. A lot of Steely's remarks (like "That's neither here nor there") sound a lot like Madden responses." -- Jason G.

Don't forget, there's Golden Glove boxing Friday night at 8 PM, sponsored by ESPN Radio 1250 and the Pittsburgh Athletic Association


Here's gravel-voiced Scott Ferrall, Pittsburgh's own and now on Howard 101, calling the end of Game 7

And here's Scott Paulsen's newest release, a Marian Hossa-inspired tune



Steigy taking a camera pic of Geno. Instant classic. [PG]

--Alexander Ovechkin won his second straight Hart Trophy, but Geno Malkin still has the Cup. [96.1 Kiss Freak Show Blog]

--Sergei Gonchar on TMZ? Trust me, this is worth a click. []

--Breaking news: Marian Hossa's going to sign with whatever team promises to not make fun of him. That eliminates Pittsburgh and Detroit. [Sports Pickle]

--Could Petr Sykora and Miroslav Satan be bound for the KHL? [Russia Today]

--Barack Obama called Dan Bylsma to congratulate him on the Pens' Cup win and invite the Pens to the White House in the fall. Was he wearing this jersey when he made the call? [ESPN]

-- Pittsburgh is now the envy of both D.C. AND Baltimore. Now that's something to be proud of. [Bleacher Report]

--And Jay Mariotti says "Pittsburgh rules". That's cool...I guess. [Fanhouse]

--Always pleasant Tom Barrasso just got a job promotion! [Puck Daddy]

--Finally, a voice outside of Pittsburgh tells people to give Sid a break. []

--Famous last words from Chris Osgood: "I just know how to win games." []

--Here's 56 great shots from the Stanley Cup. I must say, the photographers brought their A-game this year. [Talent Network News]


--From emailer Terry K.: "I don't know if you've seen this yet. A high school pitcher in Iowa pitched a perfect game, and struck out all 18 batters he faced (the game was called after 6 innings due to the 10-run rule). And oh yeah, he's the Pirates 26th round draft pick." [Chicago Tribune]

--The Pirates dropped a 5-1 decision to Minnesota on Thursday night, losing two of three to the Twins in the series. Nick Blackburn limited the Bucs to six hits (two coming from Brandon Moss) and threw a complete game.

Mr. Wonderful, Ross Ohlendorf (4.56, 6-5) takes on Jason Marquis (3.77, 8-4) in the first of a three-game set with Colorado on Friday. [ESPN]


--The U.S. Open is coming back to 2016. Hey, seven years isn't as long as it sounds. It's actually longer. [PG]


--This got lost in the shuffle last week, but Fox's NFL player rankings finally show some love to the often-dissed Steelers and their QB. [Fox Sports]

--The A&L Motors vs.
Verron Haynes bad check case is going to trial in September. Don't forget, he's an Atlanta Falcon now. [PG]

--Former Steeler Robin Cole has gotten into the cheesecake business. I'm guessing that's probably a first for a former NFL player.


--Here's everything you need to know about the extremely popular Pittsburgh summer basketball league. [Pittsburgh Basketball Club]

--Pitt sophomore Ashton Gibbs makes the Dixon-coached USA under-19 World Championship team, while incoming freshman Dante Taylor does not. The 12-man team will play at the 2009 FIBA U19 World Championship July 2-12 in Auckland, New Zealand. [Trib]

--From emailer The Grizzly Blair: "I just saw a commercial about a new show on Oxygen featuring people dancing to lose weight. The one contestant looked an awful lot like Levance Fields. It isn't, but still gave me a good laugh."


--The Artie Lange tour goes to the Adam Carolla podcast. In other Artie news, he's been banned from HBO Sports and The Tonight Show. But good news for Buck - his ratings showed a huge increase over Bob Costas'. [,, The Big Lead]

--Bad news for Molson retirees: no more free beer! [MSNBC]

--The upcoming G-20 summit is going to pack world leaders into the Nemacolin Woodlands resort. [WPXI]

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...the
1. Ed H.
2. Mike C.
3. Steve B.
4. Joe B.
5. Bob F.

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Thanks to everyone who sent in pics, emails, and links. You've outdone yourselves.

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Steve said...

Did anyone watch the NHL Awards show last nite? Man was it brutal.

The production quality and bad performances reminded me of a grade school performance of Fiddler On The Roof meets a high school fashion show.

At one point, I was waiting for Chaka Khan (yup) to be interupted by Simon Cowell and yanked off stage but I guess they couldn't find a hook big enough to fit around her. On the upside, at least her dated music kept the viewers from being further sucked into the 60's alternate universe that the live band was creating.

The NHL clearly needs to hire some real marketing and PR professionals and they can thank God this disaster was only on versus.

okel dokel said...

After reading the comments and some of the links from the article about Washington/Baltimore fans they are starting to become my least favorite fan base.

The Washington fans lack knowledge; they claim support was the reason we almost lost the was not. Further, I have been to Capitals' games where Penguins fans easily outnumbered the Craps fans. If it wasn't for their pain-in-the ass owner Ted Leonsis they would still have trouble out drawing Pens fans.

Unknown said...

I concur with DC fans becoming one of the worst, most ridiculously self-entitled fanbases in America. If they didn't have Leonsis spending obscene money the last half-dozen years, that team wouldn't exist anymore.

A month after being completely shown up on their home ice and they still are delusional enough to believe that the league determined the outcome of the series versus the Pens.

But what do you expect. Listen to their coach and star player. Ovechkin said he paid absolutely no attention to finals and claimed that his team deserved better. What an ambassador for the game that pays him millions. He could have at least feigned interest to media for the sake of the league which he should be trying to promote. up in game 7.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

i like the fact that ovechkin didnt watch and made it be known. just adds more fuel to fire of hockey's best rivarly. as much as i cant stand baltimore/DC fans, cleveland still takes the top spot. it was sooooo great to see their savior, king, messiah lebron james choke in the playoffs. even though pitt doesnt have an nba team, i LOVE watching cleveland lose in anything. their fans have nothing but james & all their nfl "championships" LOL, yea they still talk about them.

1. cleveland
2. baltimore/DC
3. seattle
4. new york
5. cincinnati
6. san diego (suprisingly)

nuthinhere said...

As a resident of the WashDC/Balt region (Alexandria), I have an insight to the fanbase around here. IMO, there not that annoying. This area is Redskins country, with the Caps a distant second. The moribund Bullets,,er,,Wizards and the amusingly awful Nats bringing up the rear. I have met some diehard Caps fans. All two of them. Its an odd region with most of the residents being from somewhere else. I chuckle when I hear about how Steeler or Pens fans travel well when either of those 2 teams show up here. They didn't travel far, those fans live here. We've colonized :-). Even Pirate fans showed up in decent numbers when they played the Nationals.

Jeff_King_Fan, why don't you have the Dallas Cowboys & Boston (any team) fans on your list? Those fans are detestable. And Flyer fans, ACK!!

Unknown said...

I'm sure there are some die-hard Caps fans that are bearable. The fans that have been following them since the Langway and Bondra eras. However, it's the newer "Rock the Red" Caps fans who are the annoying ones. These so-called fans who think that after their team strings together two decent seasons that they are entitled to win every game. Those that think Ovechkin plays with more passion than Crosby simply because he jumps up against the boards/glass. Those that complain that the refs wanted the Pens to win their playoff series because the Caps were called for more penalties even though their's was clearly the less disciplined squad. And since they know so little about the game of hockey the only attack they can offer is that Crosby (or Malkin) is gay. It's okay though...these "fans" will crawl back under their rock when the Caps have a bad season.

Sam said...

the picture of Pittsburgh with the trophies superimposed is pretty solid...

however, there really ought to have also been a giant toilet or something like that placed on the far left side of the picture where PNC Park is

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I can't believe Philly fans didn't make that list. They are absolutely unbelievable.

But I read a lot of those comments from the Baltimore/DC thing; that was also unbelievable. I think the cherry on the crap sundae was the guy who said that Pittsburgh is a dying city of industry and Baltimore is the next New York City! If I didn't think that a man of his stature would be above writing that I would assume that Ted Leonsis wrote it. Then again.............................