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Great news for Pirate fan Santonio Holmes today: the case has been dropped against the Super Bowl MVP, who was arrested on a misdemeanor marijuana charge stemming from a traffic stop in October.

Holmes' vehicle was stopped because it was similar to one police were looking for in a drug sting, and when they pulled him over, they found three marijuana-filled cigars in the car. Channel 11 reporter Vince Sims reported that the charges were dropped because the district attorney did not feel that he could justify the search of Holmes' vehicle.

Said Holmes' attorney, Bob Delgreco: "The tip was anonymous, and the quality of the information in the anonymous tip was such that it was not specific enough to justify the search."

So Santonio dodges a bullet that included 30 days probation and a $500 fine if he would have been convicted. After getting a gigantic Super Bowl ring last night, this is shaping up to be a pretty good week for #10.

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Jeff_King_Fan said...

SANTONIO'S A PIRATE FAN!!!! he supports his city's teams. take notes cowher and prince james

Unknown said...

He's also a druggie...

Unknown said...

Lindsay Lohan didn't have enough cocaine to press charges. Michael Vick didn't have any drugs in his water bottle at the airport, despite the bottle having a spot to hide drugs. Funny how all these celebrities athletes get the charges dropped.

I can't help but wonder if there is money exchanged to secure the drop in charges. Perhaps we should check the sheriffs spending habits.. if he puts a pool in the backyard, can't help wonder whether it was funded by Santonio.