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Ed McMahon. Farrah Fawcett. Michael Jackson. And now, Pittsburgh's own Billy Mays. The 50-year-old pitchman, who hails from McKees Rocks, was found dead at his home in Tampa, Florida, early this morning. He had just returned back from taping a new spot for Oxiclean in Philadelphia. As of now, there is no foul play suspected, and an autopsy should be completed by tomorrow.

Mays is most famous for his "As seen on TV" product pitches, including Oxiclean, Kaboom!, Mighty Putty, Samurai Shark, and Awesome Auger. He's also been part of a recent ad campaign for ESPN 360 as well as a Discovery Channel show called Pitchmen.

I'm sure you've probably seen his infomercials thousands of times, but here's a bit he did for a morning show where he orders from a drive-thru in his patented style. We'll never look at an infomercial the same. Pittsburgh and the country will miss you, Billy.

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jmarinara said...

Yeah that youtube video was stupid.

Meadowbrookalum1 said...

Yea, I used to be in the market where that morning show would broadcast. The MJ Morning Show is pretty lame and its amazing what they try to pass for comedy...being spoiled with WDVE growing up pretty much ruined other morning shows for me.