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Your Pittsburgh championship magazine collection has to be bursting at the seams at this point in time. Fortunately, that's a good problem to have. Nicely done, S.I.

Sid and the Cup on the S.I. cover [96.1 Kiss Morning Freak Show]

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


A regional cover is cool.

But why aren't we getting the special championship package with the special edition magazine and everything else that the Red Wings got last year?

We're not some shitty Sunbelt expansion team, we have the fanbase to buy this kind of thing.

All SI advertises on their website is the Lakers championship package!

Steve said...

Maybe they scraped the idea because they had to make a decision before the series was ever decided and thought the Red Wings would probably win anyway and no one around Detroit could afford to buy it. Nice work SI.

Notice how Detroit came in dead last in the rankings of the nations top 100 local economies and Pittsburgh was 18th.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I hope Ravenstahl shook their mayor's hand after those rankings were released.