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To say this has been a tough round of the playoffs for the Penguins has been an understatement. And now there's this:

"Hundreds of Pittsburgh Penguins fans were disappointed to get cell phone text messages saying they had won four tickets to an upcoming playoff game.

Team spokesman Tom McMillan says the message was mistakenly sent to 460 fans who participated in a recent text message contest the team holds before every game."

In typical Penguin fashion, the team made a valiant attempt to turn a negative into a positive. After already sending out automated messages to the affected fans, each person who got the wrong message will get a follow-up call from a Penguin staffer today (and boy, would I love to have the transcripts of those calls). And as an extra "We're sorry", the Pens are giving each person two tickets to a game next season, a $25 gift card, Pens hat, and Pens t-shirt.

Despite the good faith effort, I still suspect you'll have many crushed Yinzers around Pittsburgh today. But Penguin fans are among the most loyal in all of sports, so I'm sure they will be cheering loudly for the home team in a few hours, wherever they may be watching the game.

Wrong text from team tells Penguins fans they won tickets

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