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Today was the day of the big Steeler visit to the White House sans You Know Who, and it turned out to be a very nice and memorable event.

President Obama called this the most unique visit by a championship team to the White House, because the Steelers (as well as Obama and wounded veterans from Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center) helped assemble 3,000 USO care packages that will be sent to the troops overseas.

Obama hung around for roughly an hour and visited with the World Champs, who he followed while growing up in Hawaii in the 1970s. Obama's Steeler roots go deep, as he recently nominated Dan Rooney as the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland. Said the Prez: "I can tell you that I don't know anybody who is more of a gentleman, who is more loyal, who is more committed to excellence, than Mr. Rooney," Obama said. "And he and his family have just been such an extraordinary pillor for the city of Pittsburgh."

While James Harrison was not there, nor was Aaron Smith, for unspecified reasons. Troy Polamalu traveled from California for the event and added that he considered it an honor.

But James Farrior had the quote of the day, when he said, "This never gets old for me. I love coming to the White House."

Hopefully the Steelers (and Penguins) will be visiting again soon, so we can have a photo op similar to this:
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