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--MC Hammer, Little MC Hammer, and Big Ben Roethlisberger took in No Doubt at Tiger Woods' Las Vegas event. The charmed life of a Super Bowl QB continues. [Deadspin]

--Breaking news: Tony Kornheiser is leaving Monday Night Football, and will be replaced by Chucky Gruden. [The Big Lead]

--The Buccos score 10 in the the 7th inning en route to an 11-4 win over Colorado on Sunday. It was their first 10-run inning since an August 2003 game against the Cardinals and just two off the franchise record of 12, set in 1892 and 1894, which I believe is the last time the Pirates were competitive. [PG]

--Sergei Gonchar is optimistic about playing in Monday night's Game One. I'm optimistic about his optimism. [PG]

--Gorzo is back, and Tyler Yates is headed to the DL. No word yet on a planned sequel to the middle finger bobblehead. [Trib]

--Bob Smizik says the Pirates should say no to signing 16-year-old Miguel Angel Sano, who is reportedly seeking $4 million. [Bob Smizik Blog]

--Sporting News QB rankings: Brees 3rd, Palmer 4th, Roethlisberger 5th. Don't get me started. [The Sporting News]

--And in ESPN's fantasy ratings, Ben ranks 13th among QBs and 81st overall. Enter me in that league. []

--The fact that this is a contract year will go a long way towards the Steelers' decision on Willie Parker, writes James Walker. [ESPN AFC North Blog]

--Andrew Hawkins, a WR from Johnstown who played college ball at Toledo, will be competing on the new Spike TV reality show 4th and Long, hosted by Michael Irvin. []

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okel dokel said...

A couple of thoughts;

-Can tirico suave leave next...please
-Take your time if you need to Sergei
-Kcuf Smizik and the Sporting News
-Willie will be gone; I would much rather resign Heath, Ryan and Sheetz's favorite customer

This must be what it feels like to write one of Smizik's columns

Steve said...

Only when it comes to Roethlisberger does the saying: "It's not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game" fail to apply in either case.

Not only does he win, but he knows how to play the game while having less to work with than any of the QB's ranked higher than him, yet since his yardage and touchdown stats don't give "can't throw a football" stats geeks like John Clayton a chubby, he's obviously inferior to QB's who will never have what it takes to win a Super Bowl.

Take any of the leagues top 10 QB's (minus Ben) and put them in Ben's cleats with the Steelers last season and not only do the not win the Super Bowl, the don't make the playoffs either and most likey finish the season on IR.

Ben Roethlisberger; the most under-rated QB to ever make it to the HOF.