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The hit above by Chris Kunitz, delivered with care to Caps goalie Simeon Varlamov, has been determined as fine-worthy and not suspension-worthy by the NHL, which just ruled on the play from last night's game.

The hit was described by Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau as "pretty vicious" and by Alex Ovechkin as a "cheap shot". Yes, the man who routinely takes runs at opposing players is calling out someone for an alleged cheap shot. Hilarious.

In other Pens news:

-There will be a 5:15 rally tomorrow night at Gate 3 before the game, and the Pens are asking for a whiteout. Maybe that will inspire scoring from players beyond #87. [WPXI]

-Says Ovie: "Two teams are playing, and not just two players". For once, I agree with him. [Puck Daddy]

-Kris Letang is questionable for Game 3, but Coach Disco is mum on the details. [PG]

-And something I was wondering myself recently: is it time to ditch the multiple-OT format? []

Penguins' Kunitz to be fined for cross-checking goalie [PG]

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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

One more reason for goalie's to wear neck guards, Chris Kunitz.

biggamekilla said...

should of done it earlier in the game. If you're going to take a stupid penalty (Matt Cooke) someone take a run at the goalie to soften him up a little bit.