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James Harrison III, young son of Steeler linebacker James Harrison, was taken to Children's Hospital after being bitten by the family dog, WTAE reports. A source told WTAE's Ari Hait that the injuries are severe, but not life threatening.

Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten said in a statement, "We are aware of the situation but this is a personal matter for James." Children's Hospital declined comment.

Harrison owns a pit bull, but it is not known if that is the dog that attacked his son.

More details will be posted as they become available. Until then, let's hope James III is OK.

James Harrison's Child Taken To Hospital After Dog Bite [WTAE]

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The Tuxedo Towel said...

You know, this guy is nothing but a thug and is turning into another Greg Lloyd. For what he brings on the field, he certainly has no clue how to be a solid citizen off it.

So far we have:

(1) Assault on his wife/girlfriend over 'his kid's baptism'

(2) Body slamming a fan at a Clowns/Stillers game (yeah, it was funny, but did he really have to body slam the 140 lb punk?)

(3) Snubbing the team on the White House visit. (Yeah, he didn't have to go, but sometimes the team is more important than yourself, dude. The whole trip took what? Half a day? Add to it the team made care packages for the troops on the trip and he looks like a bigger jerk.)

(4) Raising a dog that has attacked a child.

It's kind of hard to buy into the concept of "The Steeler Way" when you have this guy on the team.

Kind of makes you wonder why he was cut a million times early in his career. Could it have been character issues that held him back?

Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

No way can you blame Harrison for this attack.

If anyone's to blame it's whoever let a toddler around a pit bull to begin with.

When a kid starts screaming etc, who knows how the dog will react, and that goes for any dog, not just pit bulls.

Although the whole thing does remind me of the scene from 'Friday':

SantoGold said...

You can't blame Harrison on the dog biting his kid. Who knows what was happening before the dog attacked? I was standing 2 feet away from my 2 year old when he unexpectedly let out a yell and my sister's akita did a 180, reared up and got a piece of him under his eye. I would question having a pit bull as a family pet with younger kids, but animal people will tell you they are not a threat if trained properly.

But as for James' other issues, I think he has some serious anger issues and will cross the line in a big way sometime. I agree that as much fun as it was watching him slam an idiot Clowns fan, it was a little overboard. In a game this past season, he "turkey jones-d" a RB after the whistle, I was surprised the guys neck wasn't broken. He needs to take it easy on women too.

Anonymous said...

Joey Porter is impressed.

Steve said...

Sorry, but not all dogs are the same and it's not just about the owner either. Pit bull's are more agressive by nature and unless properly trained to be able to function with people, are more dangerous and apt to bite people than a less agressive, simliarly trained dog. There's a good reason that 7 out of every 10 serious dog bite incidents are by a pit bull, or pit bull mix owned by a someone trying to portray a tough guy image. If these dogs weren't dangerous, you'd see more of the thug element walking around with retreivers, so yeah, it is about the dog.

Just guessing and I'm not going to stereotype Harrison here either since I don't know him personally, but I can bet you his dog isn't the kind that you can play with like your neighbor's cocker spaniel.

As far as your sister's Akita, those are also dogs not recommended to own if you have children and I know 2 people who have been bitten very badly by them. Not ironically, that's 1 person for every person I know who owns an Akita.