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Once again, news has trickled in involving Penn State football players, marijuana, and a room search. If this script sounds familiar, it is. Last September, police raided an on-campus party, which resulted in marijuana possession charges for Lions Abe Koroma and Maurice Evans, who both began probation in February and also served three-game suspensions.

This time around, police searched the apartment of tailback Stephfon Green, defensive tackle Devon Still, guard Johnnie Troutman and defensive end Eric Latimore hours after this year's Blue-White spring game. The police responded to a loud party at 11 PM. And then...

Once there, police say they heard a fire alarm and smelled "a strong and distinct odor of burnt marijuana" coming from the apartment. When no one answered the door, police entered and saw marijuana "in plain view in the kitchen."

Lion Nation is not happy about the most recent incident, and one site has even issued the PSU Football Marijuana.

So to all Lions out there, read the guide. It might help you out. And if you still can't kick the stuff, even then, there's still hope. In fact, it apparently isn't enough to scare teams out of taking you in the first round of the NFL draft.

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BURGH08 said...

Choose the direction this discussion will eventually turn from Lion fan:

A.) We sell out our stadium

B.) We are rated (place number here) in academics with (place article/journal here)

C.) Didn't (name Pitt athlete here) do (name some offense here)?

D.) If you wanted to play Penn State, Joe gave you the chance 30 years ago.

Hopefully that spared everyone about 30 posts.

the nigerian nightmare said...

thanks....we already had one this week. and anyone else so stunned these guys are getting busted for pot? the only thing thats disappointing is they're dumb enough to get caught.

BurressWithButterflywings said...


wouldn't you think these kids would have some idea that they should not keep weed in the apartment seeing how frequent these raids are becoming?

Events like these give me warm thoughts every time I submit my EFT for my student loan every month knowing all of these idiots are getting free education that they probably won't even use.

Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

Burgh08, don't be a bitter Pitt fan.

Face it, there's very few people on the PSU side that really care about playing Pitt anymore, not nearly as many as Pitt fans.

Stop being the crazy person in a breakup that can't let go.

BURGH08 said...

Just pick "D" Johnny. That qualifies your answer.

I can't believe it took almost five posts though. Is that a new record?

Unknown said...

People are making this out to be bigger than it really is:

nuthinhere said...

Here's some more directions this post could go Burgh08.

A)PSU should just drop there corrupt football program!

B)They play in a suckie conference

C)JoePA is old and craps his pants!

D)PITT RULZ!!!!11!!!

Just doin' my part. :-)

BURGH08 said...

I prefer:

E.) You can't spell Nittany without NIT.