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As we quickly move on from the disappointment of last night's Penguin game, there's no better important topic to segue into than the cover of a video game. So consider yourself now informed that a Steeler (Troy Polamalu) and a former Pitt Panther (Larry Fitzgerald) will be on the cover of Madden '10, the first two-player cover in the game's history. And since our culture connects any less-than-desirable outcome to a curse, one or both of these men should immediately begin watching the sky in the event of an Acme Anvil falling on their head. Or so you would believe.

The Madden Curse definitely has some flaws in its theory. For instance, Ray Lewis was on the cover in 2005, and his "curse" most commonly given is that he failed to intercept a pass that season. How did he ever manage to pull his life together from such a tragedy?

And take John Madden himself. He was on the cover for years, and all he did was continue to cash checks from EA, Ace Hardware, and whatever network he worked for at the time while being chauffeured around the country in a sweet bus and eating Blooming Onions and turducken. Last time I checked, that's not exactly the stuff of curses. Unless you consider the downside, which is the necessity to man-crush on Brett Favre and deal with the cottage industry that is Frank Caliendo while cashing said checks. OK, maybe there is a curse.

Polamalu, Fitzgerald Land Madden NFL 10 Cover [Sporting News First Cuts]

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Unknown said...

Maybe Madden retiring will end the curse. If not, perhaps having two players on the cover will negate it. Either way, these are two of my favorite players in the league (as a Steeler fan and Pitt alum) so nothing bad had better happen to them this year...