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As you can imagine, some Philadelphia Flyer fans are not happy with their portrayal on this site, especially after Puck Daddy spread it all over the hockey community and outside of our Pittsburgh-biased bubble today.

The Philly Sports Forum message board has several pages of thoughts on the issue. And just in, Broad Street Hockey has issued an official response on behalf of Flyer fans that he asked me to share with you.

Don't worry, Flyer fans. It will all be over soon enough.

Blog to make you all feel better [Philly Sports Forum]
Grow Up [Broad Street Hockey]
Puck Headlines: Tales of horror from Penguins fans in Philly [Puck Daddy]
More on the Morons [MH]

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Paul Rupp said...

It might be as simple as this... people in Philly view hockey differently than people in Pittsburgh do.

I've only spent a few hours in Philly and I've never been to an NHL game there, so I can't speak from experience, but maybe things just work differently there. Here in Pittsburgh (and the other NHL arenas I've been to), there is at least somewhat of a family friendly feel to the games. Not saying that people in the opposing team's jerseys aren't getting booed / yelled at / taunted, etc., but there's not anyone getting the shit beat out of them in the parking lot or bathroom. Sure you'll have your share of drunk morons yelling profanities and being annoying, but for the most part I think it stays on the correct side of tolerable... and when it doesn't, the offending party will hear from it regardless of their team affiliation.

In Philly, it seems like people punching / throwing beer on / physically abusing the other team's fans is not only widespread but accepted. I'm not saying that EVERY Philly fan is bringing brass knuckles to the game, but it's surprising to me how many people in Philly are coming to the defense of their idiotic brethren and taking the attitude of "well if you come to our arena wearing the opposing team's jersey, OF COURSE you're going to get beat up in the bathroom."

To me, what speaks more to the class of Flyers fans (or lack thereof) isn't so much the handful of drunk idiots that cross the line when abusing other fans; it's the thousands of others who accept that behavior, encourage it, praise it, and are even proud of it.

Papa Eo said...

I love how this has escalated so dramatically. Just wait until the Battlin' Bucs steal the World Series Title from the Fightin' Phils. Then the shit will really hit the fan.

Schide said...

Ah yes, the universal response from the complete asshole when confronted with being a complete asshole, "Grow up".

Sometimes you just can't reason with a mentality that never evolved past cro-magnon man.

Verbal, physical, and mental abuse, of course it's all the fault of the victim and not of the perpetrator. Isn't that the excuse of those who commit the admittedly much worse acts of domestic abuse, hate crimes and the like, and even rape.

Obviously the Flyers' fans acts aren't nearly as egregious as these crimes, but it all stems from the same asshole mentality, where they are right no matter what they do and anyone who disagrees with them is just a pussy crybaby.

Basically what I'm saying is Fuck the Flyers and Let's Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

pens fan in philly said...

wow i love how a simple email of observations can get around the web so quickly. also love the fact that as i check out these flyers blogs they are taking pride in this... god i hate this city , though it is nic eto see my name show up on their message boards

Adam said...

Its an east coast thing, I think, not just specific to Philly (although they're probably the worst). As much as us Pittsburghers would like to think of ourselves as a big east coast town, our attitudes toward things are more in line with the midwestern cities like St. Louis, Chicago, Houston, you know, the NL Central?

At the end of the day, its all for fun. I mean, between Pitt, Penn State, the Penguins, and the Steelers in the last year, we've been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and at any point did you ever feel the need to physically abuse a fan of the team that was either owning/getting owned? For me, thats a "hell no". I think we're generally a welcoming sports town, and we should be proud of that.

Xerone said...

I think the worst I've ever done is play around with a couple people in school who hail from Cleveland during the football season, and they've done the same to me for being a Steeler fan, but it was never anything serious and was all in good fun. :D

Too bad Philly has the leagues worst fans.

Anonymous said...

The Broad Street Hockey blog reads as if it was written by a second grader.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Adam, you know I hate your guts, but I couldn't agree with you more on all accounts. I might have deep seeded anger towards other teams but have never had the urge to physically assault their fans for supporing their team.

PGH is more of a Midwestern town whereas Philly is East Coast with a lot of Jersey overflows and influence. Look at their crooked mayor/Governor!

I went to college with a kid from Philly and I never knew of his Flyer love until this series. Last night his Facebook status read this:

There clearly is no reasoning with these morons. I hate to lose, but I would prefer to do so with the same dignity I win with.

okel dokel said...

Yea, I live in Philly and the idiocy is pretty funny.

Let's talk football - six rings to none

Graffin said...

you are welcome to come to Wachovia but show respect. dont wear your garbage jerseys and stay seated and stfu.

okel dokel said...

@ Jocko

FU - you lack respect and a brain.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Okel Dokel- FTW!

okel dokel said...


I should have been clearer; I was repsonding to the "and let's not talk football" comment on your friends Facebook page.

Sorry my bad.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

it's all good dude,I'm right with you there. I was saying that I thought you owned Jocko there

Graffin said...

keep your fruith steel ass out of our wachovia center.

okel dokel said...


That comment serves to reinforce my comment about you lacking a brain...fruith FTW!!!

Steve said...

Flyer fans are on the same social level as terrorist suicide bombers. Don't be surprised someday if one of the pregnant looking ones (hard to tell if it's fat man or woman sometimes) ties a bomb to herself and tries blowing up the Pens bus because her God (Bobby Clarke) promised her all the cheesesteaks she could eat in heaven.

I'm ok with that though, as long as she fails and takes jocko out with her, and her unborn retarded child.

Big Bad Jocko said...

funny the way the Penguin fruits coward away from us Flyer fans. They were scared to death. I thought Pitt was a tough city. LOL. Wusses

Big Bad Jocko said...

wow alot of activity on this blog. lol. pitt knows nothing about hockey anyway. too bad you werent moved to portland where fans are knowledgeable about the game

okel dokel said...

@Big Bad Jocko

It was Kansas City you supposedly knoweldgeable hockey fan. You are a true douchebag - I am here and I am waiting you puss

Unknown said...

For the record, the link you posted to Broad Street Hockey was written by a member of the sites' community and wasn't subjected to review by the owners of the site before posting.

Not saying that we agree or disagree with what was said, but it's not an "official response" by any means.

okel dokel said...

BigBadJocko69 and Jocko

Where are you? Your team choked big time. You won't shop up your too busy whining about some call that wasn't made.

Seems like the Flyers are lining up their tee times already.

Big Bad Jocko said...

Jockos here baby. Jocko did see one hilarious thing this weekend at Wachovia. A few of our courageous Flyer supporters got hold of this fool in a penguins jersey in the bathroom and put his head in a toilet and started flushing away. lol

okel dokel said...

U R a loser.