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Last night's blowout disguised as a National Championship ensured three things: 1. The outcome of a basketball game has no bearing on the Michigan economy; 2. Every talk show will be discussing Tyler Hansbrough's place in college basketball history at great length today; and 3, Mondesi Madness can finally declare a winner.

With 165 points, "Chuck Nottheshow" takes the top prize, a $100 shopping spree from the Steel City Auctions Gallery, which would be more than enough to take home the dual-signed DeJuan Blair and Shavonte Zellous Sports Illustrated.

Second place goes to "Wing's Winners" and Koz, who tied with 149 points each. I'll be sending both of them a Gold Champion hoodie courtesy of Champion.

Thanks to everyone who participated and check back today for our next contest, a caption contest featuring a photo begging for your quick wit.

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