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In today's installment of As the Leftwich Turns, the football-homeless veteran quarterback is visiting the QB-deficient Tampa Bay Bucs, another one of the runners-up in the Jay Cutler Open.

Right now, the Bucs have three quarterbacks on the roster. Two of them (Luke McCown, Brian Griese) fall into the "journeyman" category, and the third, Josh Johnson, was a fifth-round pick in 2008. Basically, they don't have much invested in the position, both financially or emotionally.

Leftwich would probably have a shot at a job if all things stay the same, but even with him on board I'm still not seeing a long-term fix at the spot for the Bucs. Of course, all Leftwich claims he wants from a team is a chance to start, and the Bucs just might offer that, even if it's a short-term gig.

Leftwich to visit Tampa Bay [PG]

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Unknown said...

while I've complained about his terrible windup time, he DOES read defenses VERY quickly, and can gun the ball out at high velocity... he'd fit pretty well in a west coast system...

Anonymous said...

Byron's short fill-in stint single handedly earned him the right to seek a starting spot somewhere. I wish him the best.