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Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Steelers are going to part ways with veteran LB Larry Foote. This should clear the path for 2oo7 first-round pick Lawrence Timmons to earn a starting job.

The deal will save the Steelers $2.885 million towards their currently-strapped 2009 salary cap. The timing, as PFT's Mike Florio muses, is curious, given that the Steelers could've allowed Foote some time on the open market if this would've happened in, say, February. But having recently been through the Gary Russell situation, this certainly wouldn't be the first curiously-timed move of this particular Steeler offseason.

Foote was a colorful character and a big part of the Steeler locker room. A fourth-round pick in 2002 out of Michigan, he won two rings in the Black and Gold. He's started every single game since taking over as a starter in 2004. Last season, he had 63 tackles and 1.5 sacks, the lowest numbers he's put up over the past in his five seasons as a starter.

While it's never easy to see a high-level contributor move on, this is not a total surprise. In fact, it was widely reported last year that a friend of Foote said the linebacker would want to finish his career with the Detroit Lions, being that he's a native of the city. It looks like the opportunity to join Matthew Stafford might be a realistic option at this point. And then again, there's always Arizona...

UPDATE: He's not quite gone yet, says Ed Bouchette, but a move may be coming soon:

Sources close to Foote say he wants to continue his career as a starting linebacker where he can play more often and asked the Steelers to accommodate him. After reportedly finding no offers in a trade, sources on the club say they plan to release him sometime after this weekend's minicamp, which Foote will not attend.

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jmarinara said...

Show of hands . . .

How many people own a Larry Foote Jersey?

Kyle Chrise said...

does this mean Kenyon Fox is next in line if Timmons or Farrior gets hurt?

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Does anyone see Foote starting as a linebacker for another team?

biggamekilla said...

good riddance!! most over-rated player on the Steelers D

Jeff_King_Fan said...

Funny thing about Larry Foote, he's actually never kissed a girl.