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--As I alluded to earlier, it's now official: Barack Obama chose Dan Rooney as the new U.S. ambassador to Ireland. Nice timing, on St. Patrick's Day and all.

Rooney was a lifelong Republican, but has shown unwavering support for Obama for quite some time, so the announcement was nothing more than a formality. It's been hinted at for weeks.

Rooney's Irish roots go deep, as he helped found the American Ireland Fund, an organization that has raised millions for advocacy of peace and education in Ireland. He's always been a great ambassador of the city of Pittsburgh, and he's been an influential and diplomatic owner in a room full of NFL billionaires for decades. This is just the natural evolution to the next level. [SI]

--So much for Trai Essex joining Nate Washington in Tennessee. The Steelers put the kibosh on that by signing the o-lineman to a two-year deal on Tuesday. Essex received a signing bonus of $500,000 and will earn salaries of $620,000 and $800,000 over the next two seasons. Affordable depth, affordable depth. [Trib]

--We're reached the time of year when Steeler basketball games are on the radar, and the first that I've seen is the contest on March 27 at 8 PM at Chartiers Valley HS. If anyone has any details or recaps from Steeler basketball, please feel free to share. [PG]

--The Steelers signed LB Arnold Harrison to a one-year deal to return to the team. He was on IR all of last season. While I would've preferred to see "the other" Harrison signed, I always liked whatever it was that Arnold Harrison brought to the table. And speaking of Arnold Harrison and Steeler basketball, as I saw firsthand last year, they go hand in hand. [PG]

--From the same link above, the Steelers brought in Moon HS and Penn State's A.Q. Shipley, a center, for a look-see. They've also visited with Pitt linebacker Scott McKillop and center C.J. Davis. Revise your draft boards accordingly.

--The Steelers didn't end up with DBs Leigh Bodden or Chris Carr, but they are bringing back Fernando Bryant for another go-round. He played in two games last season after joining the Steelers on November 11. Once again, affordable depth. That's the theme of the day. [ESPN]

--Shawn D. informed me that there was a Steeler basketball game tonight (March 17) at Union High School in New Castle. They played LCAA Sports to a 59-59 tie. Some notables who showed up: James Harrison, Willie Colon, Lou Lipps, and Cardinals WR Steve Breston.

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SantoGold said...

Ambassador to Ireland? Is that all Dan Rooney gets for his strong support for Obama? I guess a guy needs to have tax problems if he wants to hold a higher level position in Obama's administration:)

Lesson for everyone is that if you back the right political horse, you get perks. I'm just surprised that Dan Rooney was so willing to play the "quid pro quo" game so openly. I thought he was above such matters. I think it lowers Dan's legacy knowing that he accepts such a blatant political favor.

jmarinara said...

Oh yeah, life long Republican throws support behind Obama and receives a political favor he is not even close to qualified for.

What else is new?

Oh, btw, this is PATHETIC:

"He's always been a great ambassador of the city of Pittsburgh, and he's been an influential and diplomatic owner in a room full of NFL billionaires for decades. This is just the natural evolution to the next level"

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Funny, I was told by all of my Republican friends that I was un-American and un-Patriotic when I would question President Bush while he was doing such a wonderful job........

okel dokel said...


I thought you did not mix your sports commenting and your political commenting.

See what I did there...I came to a sports blog and did not comment about sports

Dallas Mike said...

What's next..."Steeler"stahl for press secretary?

jmarinara said...

@ Burress w/ BFW

Yeah, I know. This country has become so partisan these days that to criticize has become un-patriotic. It's stupid.

I heard the sentiments you criticized far too often, especially when criticizing the war.

For the record, I'm a registered independent.

jmarinara said...

@ okel

Yeah, and when our blogger here gets back to sports *ahem!*, I'll get back to sports.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

@ Jason, You hit the nail on the head. Way too partisan and that is probably part of why things aren't getting better fast?!?!

But yes, let's get back to sports.