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If I may stray from the exclusively-Pittsburgh theme for a moment, here's a few interesting things from the web that I thought you'd probably enjoy:

1. The Alex Rodriguez Details Magazine Photo Shoot. Seriously, does he realize how much dislike he simply brings on himself?

2. In a close second, it's the Reggie Bush-Kim Kardashian spread from GQ. Lots of shirtless athletes in print these days. Did ESPN: The Magazine take over every other publication this month?

3. Absolutely fantastic article from SI's Don Banks about Bus Cook, troublemaking agent for Jay Cutler, Brett Favre, Steve McNair, and Randy Moss. Before you make any judgments on the Broncos organization, you should really read this first. It's the best article I've read on the web since Bill Simmons' recent piece outlining the coming apocalypse of the NBA.

4. Finally, I never thought I'd see the day when a Duquesne alum showed up on TMZ, but there's a first for everything. The subject? Former Duke Norm Nixon, who got arrested on suspicion of DUI in California. Must be a slow news week.

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

Maybe now I wont be the only one calling him Gay-Rod.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Cutler is an idiot.

His agent:
"Jay was understandably upset with the initial trade talk, but he knew he had to move forward and he went there last Saturday with every intention of working it out and moving on,'' Cook said. "It was explained to him what had happened, but then McDaniels in essence told him he couldn't guarantee he wouldn't entertain trade talk again at some point. He told Jay, 'I can't tell you we wouldn't trade you in the future, if that was in the best interests of the team.'

"I just don't think that's the right thing to say to a guy who's still a little hurt from hearing the trade talk to begin with. With that, Jay said I don't know if I want to be here, and he did ask to be traded at that time.

So basically Cutler wants a guarentee that the Broncos will never ever entertain trade talks about him and unless he gets that he wants to be traded?

what a baby

okel dokel said...

I agree that Cutler is an idiot and is making Philip Rivers look like a Rhodes scholar by comparison.

Bus Cook is just pure evil, his purposeful manipulation is even worse.

shmaiken said...

You know why Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush make such a perfect couple? Neither has done anything of note in their "professional" career.